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La More Design’s July Raffle for Change Is Up and Ready to Enter

La More Design’s July Raffle for Change Is Up and Ready to Enter

Despite feeling like 2020 has taken a lot away from us, we’re also feeling more inspired than ever to give back. Doing so just feels really good, and it’s a high that we all kind of need right now, to be honest. So, we wanted to share some sparkling facets on La More Design’s monthly Jewelry Raffle for Change. You see, the LMD team calls New York City home (#sames), and what the community has gone through over the past three, four months has made them appreciate how fortunate they are for every day, how blessed their lives truly are. Like every one of us, they were shaken to their core by recent events in this nation, and in the midst of the tough times, they looked for something they could do to help make their community (and the world, at large) a better and much more equal place to be a part of, and proudly.

The Realness on this Raffle.

Creating real change and fundamental human rights shifts takes time and groundswell energy, passion, and commitment from all of us. Granted, equality and basic human decency should be a part of our culture and being already, but if this year taught us ANYTHING so far, it’s that we all have the capacity to learn, listen, and grow into the best versions of ourselves, become trusted allies, and go on to be motivated ground shakers.

La More Design’s July Raffle for Change Is Up and Ready to Enter

La More Design came up with a great way to help AND include their followers in their endeavors to kickstart change - rallying with a jewelry raffle is one way (and a pretty beautiful one at that) to do it. Each month, they will make a donation to a select organization or multiple to initiate their commitment to doing good and giving back. To get as many 👀 on the efforts, the raffle is happening on Instagram - and the prize is one stunning piece of jewelry, handcrafted with love from their shop.

July’s give back is going to two incredibly-deserving coalitions: GirlTrek, the largest public health and self-care movement for Black women and Covenant House, a safe haven and transformative springboard for homeless and trafficked youth throughout the United States. So far, they have donated $2,000 to these organizations already, but with some extra oomph from the outside, that contribution bar is bound to climb!

Like we said, it’s a long road, but even starting small has the potential to snowball into a stronger tomorrow… 

La More Design’s July Raffle for Change Is Up and Ready to Enter

How to Get the Ball Rolling. 
  1. Donate $20 or more directly to the selected organization of the month ​@girltrek​ or @covenant_house
  2. DM @lamoredesign with the confirmation receipt of the donation
  3. Comment “JULY RAFFLE" in the comments section of their July Raffle Instagram post to complete each entry.
  4. For each $20 donation, you may submit one entry (i.e. $100 donation will earn you five entries).
  5. This month's raffle will start on Wednesday, July 15th and ends on Thursday, July 23rd at 11:59pm EST.
  6. The winner will be selected on La More Design’s Instagram story on Saturday, July 25th.

And Oh, they’ve got something shiny for you!! 💍

July's winner will take home La More Design's 2020 best seller, the Tiara Halo Diamond Moissanite Ring ~ a retail value of $2,385 ~ custom made in your ring size.

No matter the donation amount, giving back, even just a little, gets you a whole lot back. Enter now! 


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We partnered with La More Design to bring you all the details on this campaign for change! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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