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In All Fairness, Officiants Should Be Proposed to Too!

American Marriage Ministries Will You Marry Us Gift Package

Asking friends and family to be bridesmaids and groomsmen is a huge part of the wedding experience. And why not? These are the folks who will be by your side as you make it official with your favorite person in the world, so of course it’s a big deal. But what about the person who will literally be emceeing the whole thing? Joining the two of you together in front of everyone who loves and cares about you, facilitating your vows, pronouncing you as official married partners at the end of it all. The role is major and certainly one that should be treated just as seriously as bridesmaid and groomsmen positions in the wedding party. Thankfully, American Marriage Ministries - the non-profit responsible for ordaining nearly 600,000 ministers (who’ve performed 250,000+ wedding ceremonies in the U.S.) - has come up with just the thing to keep on your radar if you’re considering asking someone close to you to play a part in your ‘I Dos.’

Enter the “Will You Marry Us” Gift Package

Truly, how many times have you seen brides and grooms going all out to ask their friends and family to be in their wedding? I myself have been ‘proposed’ to three times in the last year/year and a half, and happily accepted the asks of my best friend, sister, and cousin, respectively. There’s close to 70K #bridesmaidproposal pictures on Instagram alone RN. But have you seen much for #officiantproposals? By our last count, there were 13 photos. 13. Now, maybe that’s because asking someone if they’d like to marry you (plural) isn’t exactly light stuff. It’s not a simple question from the couple and it’s definitely not a simple answer from the prospective officiant, so we can understand the privacy and elusiveness of it all. Still, even if the conversation and eventual ‘Will you?... “Yes, of course!”” happens in a more hush-hushed way, being able to show appreciation is still very special and sacred.

American Marriage Ministries Will You Marry Us Gift Package

“We want to help couples focus on the main reasons for having a wedding in the first place -- the ceremony. By offering AMM’s “Will You Marry Us?” ordination package, couples can express their appreciation for their officiant and ensure their ceremony’s success.” ~ Natasha Anakotta, AMM Director of Marketing & Support Services

And while it might not be as whimsy and cute as those “Will you help me tie the knot?” hair tie sets or as festive as a bottle (or bottles) of champagne, bubbly gummies, and the promise of many more nights spent sipping and nibbling before your nuptials, American Marriage Ministries’ “Will You Marry Us” gift package is oh-so-appropriate for couples looking to share the excitement and honor with their officiant.

What all the other proposals are missing

At the end of the day, bridal party proposals are wonderful, highly anticipated, and tremendously appreciated by those who will occupy the aisle with you, but let’s be honest, how many of them are properly practical? Bridesmaid and groomsman-ship is a blessing, for sure, but it can also be emotional, tiring, and downright stress-inducing (especially for someone who hasn’t fulfilled the role before and doesn’t know what to expect). And a bottle of wine, some confetti, and a ‘bride tribe’ tank won’t really help when the bride is bombarding you with questions late at night or having a crisis that you’re just ill-prepared to curb.

American Marriage Ministries Will You Marry Us Package

That’s why we love the “Will You Marry Us” package, because it isn’t just filled with sweet sentiments and fluff, it’s real stuff.

“Asking someone to officiate your wedding is a big deal. It’s important to give them the tools to do the job right. Our “Will You Marry Us” Gift Package is the ultimate vote of confidence and gratitude!” ~ Lewis King, AMM Executive Director

Here’s what comes inside:

Priced at just $95, this package includes the most robust ordination available, full credentials and documentation, training and writing tools, and everything else required to create the wedding ceremony of a lifetime.

By gifting the “Will You Marry Us,” gift package, couples empower their officiant to deliver a ceremony that people will be talking about for years to come.

American Marriage Ministries Will You Marry Us Package

Credentials and Officiant Licensing Materials

  • 1 Copy of our AMM Minister’s Manual
  • 1 Ordination Certificate
  • 1 Letter of Good Standing
  • 1 Certificate Holder
  • Minister Licensing Instructions (where applicable)
  • Minister Licensing Application Materials (where applicable)

Wedding Ceremony Materials

  • 1 Embroidered AMM Satin Wedding Officiant Stole
  • 1 "Will You Marry Us?" greeting card + navy envelope
  • 1 Copy of Asked to Officiate, Ceremony Writing and Delivery Guide
  • 1 Screen Printed Canvas AMM Minister’s Tote Bag
  • 1 Embossed AMM Minister’s Pin, Struck from Jeweler's Metal
  • 2 AMM Embossed Gold Embossed Presidential™ Custom Pen

American Marriage Ministries Will You Marry Us Gift Package

Here’s how it works in three easy steps:
  1. The couple goes to theamm.org/will-you-marry-us and purchases their “Will You Marry Us” Gift Package, which is shipped to them. Then they give it to their officiant (AMM can also send it directly to the officiant, if that’s easier).
  2. The officiant gets ordained online through theamm.org and enters his or her unique code that is included in the package. AMM sends the officiant their ordination documents, along with all required legal forms and instructions.
  3. The officiant and couple can then use the tools and instructions included in the “Will You Marry Us” gift package to prepare and deliver a memorable and legal wedding ceremony anywhere in the USA.

Have someone in mind who you’d like to marry you? Get them a gift that says “we love each other and we love you, would you do us the honor of imagining our ‘I Dos?’ For more information or to speak with someone at American Marriage Ministries, please call 206-395-9164 or email [email protected].


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We partnered with American Marriage Ministries to share this fun officiant proposal package. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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