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How To Make A Welcome Wedding Tote

How To Make A Welcome Wedding Tote

It is an incredibly thoughtful gesture to welcome your out-of-town guests with some treats. Especially when they have traveled long distances to attend your happy day. Here are a few items that we would love to have and that will not break the bank. Generally one bag per a couple is the rule of thumb.
Of course we will start out with our $10 Happy Day Tote in your wedding colors, date and location.

How To Make A Welcome Wedding Tote

1. A map of the area and fun things for guests to do. You can easily make one yourself using google maps or have a fancy one drawn by Couture Maps.

2. What about putting you and your future spouse's favorite fruit. Something that would not squish like some juicy oranges or some pink lady apples. Yummy!

3. A hand written note thanking your out of town guests is beyond sweet. You can use some card stock and stamp like this one from paper-source.

4. People are torn over bottled water today but, Renewal Water uses a new compostable bottle made entirely from plants.

5. A sweet treat is always nice, and Sparkles Kitchen sells individually wrapped macaroons.

6. We are crazy coffee junkies and would love to see a little Via from Starbucks in our welcome tote

7. Travel sized Tylenol or aspirin might come in handy.

8. A salty treat like these vegetable Kettle Chips might be a nice late night snack.

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