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How to Celebrate a Wedding or Anniversary While Social Distancing


Tribute Helps You Celebrate Special Occasions

So many couples who were preparing for their big day are now scrambling to figure out what to do in lieu of their ceremony. In April and May alone, there were supposed to be more than 400,000 weddings in the US.

In a time where so many are looking for meaningful ways to connect virtually, digital tools are helping us celebrate wedding couples from afar. Whether you are missing a wedding or special anniversary celebration, you can help a loved one celebrate by creating the ultimate gift - a Tribute video with sentimental messages from friends and family. 


Tribute allows users to easily record video messages, request submissions from friends and family, insert photos, and transform these multiple submissions into one beautiful, heartfelt video montage that celebrates the couple. The platform makes it easy and fun to create love-filled video montages that couples can keep as a memorable keepsake. The best part is - it only takes about 15 minutes!

It's So Easy to Use

1. Invite Your Friends
Invite friends and family to join the celebration.

2. Collect Videos
Everyone gets a prompt, makes a video and uploads it.

3. Compile Your Tribute 
Drag and drop the videos in the order you like and share!

Get Tribute For Free

After hearing so many stories from users who were putting off their weddings, the company has decided to offer the service completely free to couples who have been impacted by COVID-19 and social distancing measures. 


Couples around the globe are using Tribute to connect with their wedding invitees that they'll no longer be able to see. Just because you can't be with them in person, doesn't mean that you can hear from them in a meaningful way. Take for example a couple that had to cancel a destination wedding in Tuscany, in lieu of some new memories, they reached out to all of their friends and family and invited them to share their “favorite memories” with the couple. Now they have a highlight reel of all their favorite experiences with the people they love. Another idea is asking wedding invitees to answer the questions, “what do you love about us?” and let everyone chime in about what makes the couple’s relationship special - a beautiful way to go deeper than just saying, “congratulations!”. Try it out for free at Tribute.co.

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