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Honeymoon Registry From Traveler’s Joy

travelers joy

Skip the blender! Create lifelong memories with your honeymoon registry.
Nick and I did not get to go on a honeymoon. But, I would have loved to go somewhere incredible like the Bahamas or Hawaii instead of getting a blender. That blender that we received lost the lid and one of the buttons no longer works. I can honestly say that I wish that Traveler's Joy existed when I was getting married. I would have so been there in a heart beat. If you are wondering about the etiquette of creating a wedding registry, professionals say a honeymoon registry is a perfectly acceptable registry. So, get over there and create your dream honeymoon.

- You are able to create an account in 2 minutes. Which, I did to make sure it was easy peasy for you. You can start here. You can see The Wedding Chicks dream honeymoon here.

- They are not a travel agency so you can book the travel anywhere you like. Traveler's Joy has a ton of example trips so you can find a unique trip, that works for you.

free vacation

If you Register before April 15, 2010. You will be automatically entered to win a 7 night all-inclusive vacation to Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica. See more details here.

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