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Garden Party Bridal Shower

garden party decor

Are you looking to have a garden party bridal shower?
If so, we have everything you need and more to get your inspiration flowing, the supplies together and the invites out. Stay tuned, we will be providing you with do-it-yourself bridal party invitations that match this little number as well as what to serve along with how to design your beverage cart. Are you excited or what?

The Vine's Leaf in San Clemente put this whole sha bang on and I must say she did a beautiful job. Lane Dittoe Photography took all the photos for your inspirational enjoyment. Stay tuned and Read on to learn how you can put this together.

decorating a garden party

You do not need to rent a fancy venue for your best girlfriend's bridal shower. Ask around to see who has a cute backyard and you can basically do the entire thing yourself. This little set up took place in the backyard of a good friend.
Here is what you are going to need for the basic set up.  We will be showing you exactly how we made all of these arrangements as well. (as I said before there is more to come) but, this should get you started with in your planning process.
Supply List
1. Vintage Books & Vintage Book Pages
2. Set of white dishes and white cloth napkins & cutlery
3. Twine & Burlap
4. variety of pots and glass items for your arrangements
5. variety of herbs and plants Plant List Herbs: mint, rosemary, chocolate mint and thyme Maiden hair ferns Reindeer moss Sheet moss Potting Soil

bridal shower ideas

vintage book

How cute is the cutlery?
Super easy to do but has that extra special cuteness factor to it.
Simply take your napkin and cutlery wrap them in a vintage book page and roll the napkin and tie a piece of twine around the napkin. Easy Peasy!
I also want to mention that last week Blue Green Arts left a comment and I visited her Etsy store. She just happens to sell Vintage Paper Supplies, Vintage Book Pages. Perfect!

easy decor ideas

bridal shower ideas

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