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Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters

Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters

Soo, “official” vacation season might be coming to a close next week, but that doesn’t mean our minds have moved on from out of the office vibes and sunny, sandy beaches. Absolutely not. And now that fall wedding season is rolling in, we’ve discovered an amazing brand that every beach-bumming bride and groom needs to have on their radar as they’re strategizing gifts for their new spouse, as well as their squad. X marks the spot with Dune Jewelry, the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company®. Quite literally, Dune captures your most cherished travel memories and experiences by creating fine Experiential Jewelry® using sand and natural elements from around the world. Life is a beach, right? Let’s just play in the sand…

Collecting sand for memories has always been a ‘shore’ thing

Who else has spent time walking up and down the shoreline of their favorite beach, collecting sand to bring home as a souvenir? I’ve done it in at least 4 or 5 places throughout my life, and my husband literally has vials and vials of pink sand from Aruba (his family’s second home for the last 30+ years). No joke, he used to bring back little jars of sand as a gift to all of his teachers when he’d return from his family’s annual Thanksgiving trip to One Happy Island. And I always thought it was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing.

Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters

But we’re shore-ly not the only people who’ve ever done this, it’s a pretty mainstream tradition and one that we don’t think will ever wash away - as long as couples, friends, families keep making memories in some of the most beautiful places in the world 🌊🏖️🐚🥥.

Holly Daniels Christensen did it as a [sea]side hustle, and now she’s swimming in success!

"I believe that jewelry’s value lies not only in its beauty but in its sentimental worth. Each piece of Dune is a tangible reminder of precious memories & travel adventures. Life is about experience, and Dune is here to inspire wanderlust in the hearts of our customers."

Holly began creating sand jewelry for friends and family at her kitchen table in 2007. And because everyone has a special experience or cherished place they hold dear, the concept of capturing memories took off and the company was born in 2010. Dune Jewelry catalogs over 4,000 sands and natural elements in its Sandbank™ spanning all seven continents and you have the option to send your own natural element for a truly one-of-a-kind experiential design. The Sandbank consists of beaches, ballparks, golf courses, hiking trails, dried flowers, power stones, and more. It keeps growing almost daily, thanks to customers sending in their own sand and natural elements. WE LOVE THIS!! Such a collaborative, community-focused company!! 

Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters

So, about those wedding gifts for beachcomber couples… 

Not only can we see Dune Jewelry being great gifts for the ones getting married, they’re just as special for the crew, too! Who wouldn't want to receive a gift that was custom made and will last a lifetime? Dune's entire collection of Experiential Jewelry® is handmade and infused with sand or natural elements to represent a specific time and place that is totally unique to the wearer. The most treasured gifts are those that remind the recipient of a special experience, a moment in time, or a special place, and Dune Jewelry does just that! Think sand from your favorite vacation together, the location where your soulmate proposed, or where you spent your engagement moon. Or how about sand from the beach where you broke the news for the first time that you were engaged (in front of your parents, siblings, etc.)? Did you have a destination bachelor or bachelorette party? Somewhere out to sea, on a boat, by the beach? 

Whatever the occasion, wherever the place, everyone has a travel adventure or beach memory that they’d like to keep and trap like a ship in a bottle. Dune Jewelry’s unique, personalized collection gives brides and grooms a perfect way to “live for the moment, then take it with” them. 

Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters

… And just think of ALL the opportunities that come after the wedding. From your wedding flowers to your honeymoon locale, there’s no shortage of tangible reminders from these hallmark days. 

Making waves from Massachusetts 

All of Dune Jewelry’s patented designs are exclusive and Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®, in their Boston, Massachusetts studio. Each design comes with a lifetime warranty and each year a portion of every purchase is donated to various coastal preservation organizations ((we’re all about this charitable component)).

These treasures can be found in over 900 retailers worldwide - yes, that many - in addition to online at www.dunejewelry.com. So, shop now and enjoy 10 percent off your order with the code "WEDDINGCHICKS19!"

Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters


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We partnered with Dune Jewelry to give couples a shore-fire way to keep memories alive from some of the best vacations EVER. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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