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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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Diana Phillips Artisan Chocolates


Amy recently went to a party at Arroyo Trabuco . We will be sharing more details from this lavish party next week. One of the guests, Diana Phillips of Artisan Chocolates showcased her tasty treats, and we had to share. How scrumptious do these chocolates look? Amy said that they where incredible. The packaging of these beauties is simply to die for. The bright colors are so cheerful and inviting. I would love to sit down at a wedding and find this splendid treat waiting for me.



Diana's kitchen is a studio, a chamber of alchemy and scientific exploration, a garden of aromas, tastes and textures. Is your mouth watering yet? All of the chocolates can can be customized to fit any detail, including creating original molds. She will even create a unique flavor for your wedding day. You can buy her chocolates online by visiting here. Stay tuned next week for more party pictures.