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Custom Sunglasses for your wedding


Custom glasses are all the rage, and what better way to make your wedding stand out than with personalized wedding sunglasses? Here are few fantastic places where you can buy custom wedding sunglasses.

Keep reading because we also shared how to make custom sunnies for you and your guests! Personalized sunglasses are a wonderful addition to any wedding, and not only can they be a heartfelt gift for your guests, but they can also add a fun and stylish element to your big day. Whether you choose to purchase custom sunglasses or decide to make your own, they are sure to be a hit among your wedding attendees. With your initials and wedding date displayed on each pair, these sunnies will serve as a delightful keepsake and a symbol of your special bond. We're also super into thees Bride to Be sunnies that you can wear throughout your wedding planning process. You deserve them.

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Personalized Heart Shaped Sunglasses

If you prefer to focus on something special for your wedding party, we absolutely adore this heart option from Etsy . Plus they make a great bridesmaid gift.

Personalized Groom Sunglasses

Personalized Groomsman Sunglasses

When it comes to custom wedding sunglasses , let's not forget about the groom and his men! For a truly special touch, custom wood sunglasses are the ideal choice for the groom and his wedding party. Not only are they super stylish, but they also make a practical and memorable gift.

Personalized Wedding SunGlasses

Personalized Wedding Sunglasses

What could be more fun than personalized sunglasses with a name or saying of your choice. Personalization on 2 sides is possible! Tons of colors to select from. Shop these wedding sunglasses on Etsy.


Personalized Wedding Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses are the perfect wedding favor and will make some great photo opp moments. Buy these stylish sunglasses on Amazon here .

Diy Wedding Sunglasses

DIY Personalized Wedding Sunglasses

Creating your own custom wedding sunglasses with your initials and wedding date is a fantastic and budget-friendly idea that adds a personal touch to your special day. Here's a simple and creative guide on how to make your own custom sunglasses: Here is a pack of 36 white sunglasses on Amazon for $27. Read on for instructions

  1. Bulk Buy Sunglasses: Look for wholesale or bulk-buy sunglasses online or at local stores. Opt for a classic and neutral frame color like black, white, or tortoiseshell, as it will be easier to customize and suit various guests' preferences.

  2. Gather Your Supplies: Purchase permanent markers or oil-based paint pens in colors that match your wedding theme. Consider white metallic gold or silver for an elegant touch. Make sure to choose markers that are waterproof and won't smudge easily.

  3. Design Your Customization: Before you start writing on the sunglasses, plan out the design. Practice writing your initials and wedding date on a piece of paper to get the perfect style and size. You can also add little symbols or a special phrase that resonates with you and your partner.

  4. Start Customizing: Lay the sunglasses flat on a clean surface. Carefully write your initials and wedding date on one of the temples (the arms of the glasses) using the markers. Take your time and apply gentle pressure to ensure a clean and steady stroke.

  5. Let Them Dry: Allow the customized sunglasses to dry for a few minutes. If you're using oil-based paint pens, follow the drying time mentioned on the pen's packaging to ensure the paint sets properly.

  6. Protect the Design: To ensure the design lasts longer, apply a clear coat of sealant over the written area. This will help protect the customization from fading, rubbing off, or smudging. We recommend using Crystal Clear .

  7. Wrap Them Up: Once the custom wedding sunglasses are completely dry, wrap them individually in pretty tissue paper or place them in small gift bags. You can also add a thank-you note or a small wedding favor tag to complete the personalized touch.

Share your wedding sunglasses

Share your custom wedding sunglasses creations! Capture the final result of your personalized sunglasses and share them on Instagram, tagging @weddingchicks, so others can be inspired by your creativity!

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