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Big Summer Bridal Giveaway – Annabelle’s Coffee

Big Summer Bridal Giveaway - Annabelle's Coffee

Thank you for joining us on day 3 of our Big Summer Bridal Giveaway! What a treat we have for you today. If you love a nice iced cold latte or hot cappuccino then this next prize is for you. What if we told you that Annabelle's Coffee would come to your wedding with their entire mobile station? How excited would you be? Well... that is exactly what our next prize is a mobile coffee station for your wedding.
Thanks to Annabelle's Coffee you and your guests  will have Lattes, mochas or some tasty blended coffee drinks to add that extra zing to your wedding.
How to win!
Please note this contest is only available to weddings that will be held in the Orange County area. If you would like to win simply let us know your favorite coffee drink and why this prize would be perfect for your wedding. Enter as often as you like. Winners will be announced next week and all contests from the Big Summer Bridal Giveaway will close this Sunday, August 1, 2010!
For further information about Annabelle's Coffee tel: 949.412.1850
email: [email protected]

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