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6 Tips I wished I’d Known Before I Started My Wedding Registry

how to set up a copper kitchen Photo:

Creating our Wedding Registry was a truly magical experience. We were able to select gifts that everyone would actually buy for us. Now ... I only pretend shop. Adding items to my cart, but never actually checkout.

Years later, we both agreed that we would have done a few things differently with our Wedding Registry, so we partnered with Crate and Barrel to share 6 Things I wished I'd known before I started my wedding registry. 

don't be afraid of trends

KitchenAid ® Copper Metallic Series Stand Mixer from @crateandbarrel

No registry is complete without a KitchenAid stand mixer. If this gorgeous KitchenAid mixer catches your eye, don't be afraid to add it your wedding registry. 

We registered for mostly everything in white, and years later we wished we would have added a little fun to the mix in our kitchen counter decor.

copy this pink and gold kitchen from @cratebarrel

Trendy items to add to add to your wedding registry

1. Hibiscus Pink French Oven With Lid
2. Chantal Classic Copper Tea
3. Copper Handled Utensils
4. Hibiscus Pink Skillet
5.  Marble Utensil Holder
6. Copper Salt and Pepper Shaker

don't forget the pots and pans

Fleischer and Wolf Hammered Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set

We did not register for pots, because we had one frying pan and one boiling pot. Little did we know that was a bad decision and later wished we would have registered for a quality set of cookware that was stocked with all the essentials.

Today I would have registered for Fleischer and Wolf Hammered Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set.

register for white dishes

Aspen Dinnerware collection from @crateandbarrel

Our toaster, KitchenAid stand mixer, salt and pepper shakers and everything in between was white except our dishes. We registered for a beautiful green and blue set that is no longer in stock. One by one they chipped, broke and eventually all disappeared.

Honestly, I would have still registered for those pretty green dishes, but I do wish that we would have also registered for an open-stock of all-white dishes as well. Like the Aspen Dinnerware collection. If a dish or bowl broke we would be able to easily replace them.

register for gifts that are affordable,  but still feel special

registered for affordable items

We registered for mostly affordable items that were utilitarian, however we didn't add gifts that were affordable AND felt special. Like each time we filled our Rati Vase with a flower arrangement, we would think of the person who gifted it.

Affordable and special gifts to add to your wedding registry

Affordable and special gifts to add to your wedding registry

1. Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

2. Beck Gold Serving Board

3. Marble Cheese Tool Set

4. Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Glasses

5.  Rati Vase

6. Aqua Dip Mixing Bowl with Spout

7. Black and White Zig Zag Tote Set

8. Vacu Vin Wine Essentital Gift Set

9. Wine Champagne Bucket

10. Grater Set

matte white ceramic white oval container for herbs

Last but not least, we love this matte white ceramic white oval container for herbs with a dedicated slot for accompanying scissors. Also under $30

envision  your space

beautiful glass cream and sugar set is the perfect complement to our Bodum copper from @crateandbarrel

When planning your kitchen, think about all the items that will be on display. From your French Press Set, KitchenAid Mixer to your pots and pans. Did you select items that reflect your super fun personality and look great together?

Not sure? Crate and Barrel has Private Registry Events where you're the guest of honor. You'll get the one-on-one attention and advice (pssst you can ask them design questions) from their dedicated registry experts. RSVP Today for the next event near you.

Don't be afraid to go big

black and white natural bedroom set from @crateandbarrel

Don't be afraid to register for bigger items like a bed frame, firepits or lighting. When we registered we were afraid to add bigger items to our Wedding Registry. We didn't want to seem crazy or expect our friends and family to buy us expensive gifts. So, we didn't add them to our registry. What we didn't know then was that these are known as "dream gifts." Guests can purchase them as a group gift making the gift more affordable, and no one will think you are crazy for adding these items to your registry.

outdoor entertaining idea from @Crateandbarrel


If you do not receive your, "dream gifts" you can purchase them at a 10% discount after your wedding in Crate and Barrel stores and online (yes, even furniture) for a full six months after your event on any item. 

In order to receive this discount you must have a proper Crate and Barrel registry.

dream items to add to your wedding registry from @crateandbarrel

Dream items to add to your wedding registry

1. Record Player

2. Clive 8-Arm Bronze Chandelier

3. Delta Brass Dining Chair

4. Parsons Pine Top/Brass Dining Table

5. Bessie Charcoal Wool Rug

6. Log Holder

7. Driftwood Side Table

8. Miele Vacuum

9. Tate Centerpiece Bowl

10. Wusthof 8 Piece Knife Rack

Love entertaining? Add this bash gold beverage tub, Gold bar tool set, gold stainless steel cocktail shaker and gold moscow mule  mug to your Crate and Barrel wedding registry

Gold barware set for the entertainer from @crateandbarrel

We partnered with Crate and Barrel to share with you these 6 tips I wished I'd known before I started my wedding registry. This post was sponsored by Crate and Barrel.

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