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12 Gifts From Etsy Your Best Girls Will Love

Etsy Bridal Party Print

Once you have everything squared away for your wedding day, it’s easy to want to kick back and CTFO until the fateful day comes. But let’s not forget, you have an amazing group of girls (and guys) that you need to properly celebrate - because they for sure helped you deal with all the stress and hopefully didn’t try to rain on your parade throughout it all. If you managed to make it to the wedding without firing any of the bridesmaids, you get a 👍 from us - but 🌟🌟🌟 are only earned when you can do that + get your girls gifts that are unexpected, unprecedented and/or utterly adorable.

And we’ll say this right now: as much as we love a great robe or personalized wine tumbler, you can do better #sorrynotsorry. All part of shedding that basic bride thing ((IF YOU WANT TO, OF COURSE))! Etsy is legit the best place ever to find gifts for all occasions, and now since we’re smack dab in the middle of wedding season, their editors have even gone to work to curate full-on bridal party gift guides to help busy brides get their gifts ordered and their s*** done well before their only option left is Amazon Priming, alongside their hubbies-to-be.

You Are My Rock Rose Quartz Bridesmaid Thank You

We’ve checked out some of their reccos and they’re pretty awesome - not just because they’re cute and affordable (wayyyyy under $75-level affordable), but because they’re also right on par with today’s trends: so yes, there’s geometric jewelry, a ton of maid-worthy masks, and some rose quartz crystal keepsakes to keep your creative coven-lovin’ 🔮 crew members happy and inspired.

Might be worth mentioning//sending a link to your S.O.s, too. Along with a cute note that says something like “we’re almost done with this hell, can’t wait to be your wifey, don’t forget the boys, they’ll love these toys 😘.”

Scroll down for a few wedding party gifts the Etsy experts flagged (they’re total 🔥), and some of our own picks. Because we can legit spend hours scouring this site. 

Etsy Bestie Test Tube Beauty Gift Set

Etsy Personalized Name Earrings

Etsy Rose Gold Druzy Necklace

Etsy Zodiac Jewelry Ring Dish

Etsy Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

Etsy Personalized Bridesmaid Ornament

Etsy Champagne Glass Leaf Initial Bracelet

Etsy Personalized Makeup Bag

Etsy Mother Fuckin

Etsy Natural Essential Oils Perfume Samples

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