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This Song by Marilyn Hucek Gives So Much Meaning to the Phrase ‘I Do’

This Song by Marilyn Hucek Gives So Much Meaning to the Phrase ‘I Do’

Working in this industry for the better part of the last 10 years, I’ve probably used the phrase “I Do” a billion, if not more, times. It rolls off the tongue so easily and it doesn’t need to be explained, because IYKYK (that’s you, brides and grooms to-be, you know!). But the thing is, once you start overusing the phrase in any and all contexts related to your wedding - and #ido hashtagging counts, oh yes it does - the meaning starts to wane. Kind of like an engagement ring that loses its luster every now and again; it’ll shine beautifully again, it just needs to be cleaned up and dusted off first! Well, we just heard a brand-new song that’s breathing fresh new life into the “I Do” declaration: ‘i do’ by Marilyn Hucek.

Ready to say ‘I Do,’ you bet we are

It’s 2021, we’ve been through a year that’s tested all of our limits, but we’re starting to see a break in the clouds. So, if you’ve been one of the hundreds of thousands of couples who’ve had to make adjustments to your aisle timeline, you’re probably anxious as all hell to say ‘I Do.’ We get it, we’re right there with you. But just a word of caution, before you do say those two words: remember what purpose they serve and what promises they commit you both to, in the name of love. With your vows, each of you is pledging to be in this for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do you part - and they don’t have to be so traditional, either, we love ourselves some handwritten vows. But when your officiant starts to go back and forth with the “will you or do you” declaration of intent, you’ll be saying ‘I Will’ or ‘I Do’ and taking responsibility for what you’ll be bringing to the marriage from each day forward.

Something tells us that after this whirlwind of a year, everyone getting married will be saying ‘I Do’ with even more pronounced conviction. And that’s an awesome thing, because as they say (well, we, as we say) “the couple that says ‘I Do’ with meaning behind every word has a great shot of making this work forever.”


Let’s just distill some of those loved-up lyrics. 

Our love is full our love is bright

I can rest assured you will be mine

And we'll grow older together

I know it’ll last forever

Ohhh I do

I do, I do

Take them as you will, but for us, these words instill confidence in your next chapter as newlyweds and evoke excitement around your love and its longevity. Saying ‘I Do’ like this is admitting that you’re head over heels and will be for the long haul. 

This Song by Marilyn Hucek Gives So Much Meaning to the Phrase ‘I Do’

The genesis of this sonic gem 💍

This song was written to be timeless, just like marriage and love itself. Bringing together the musical talent of renowned artist, Laura Escudé and the raw and sultry vocals of pop star, Marilyn Hucek, the track envelopes the listener with the warmth of unyielding love that's shared between two souls on their wedding day. And we cannot help but shed ALL the tears of joy for it.

“As an artist, I hope to serve others by making music that resonates with them. I’m happy knowing that my song touched the soul and heart of my best friend. She told me she cried listening to it on her wedding night! I hope my song stays timeless through the years, just like everlasting love. It would be such a huge honor to have my song be a part of another’s wedding day.” ~ Marilyn Hucek

Stream the song right now, chicks - because we need more fangirls on our squad!!


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We partnered with Marilyn Hucek to give head-over-heels lovers everywhere some much happier vibes to listen to and hold onto in this still-crazy time. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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