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This Retirement Sale Is Just In Time for Nat’l Proposal Day

This Retirement Sale Is Just In Time for Nat’l Proposal Day Ring:

We’re pretty transparent about our love for gemstone jewelry, aren’t we? I’d say as many times as we talk about diamonds, we have just as many conversations about colored stones and how much we crush on them. And Katy Perry made certain that we’d never forget just how perfect picks including pink sapphires or rubies really are. Her ring is still making appearances in our dreams at night. In any case, for anyone who has seriously thought about a gemstone for THAT finger, we’re going to give you and your proposing partner just a little extra motivation to move on that major purchase. Pristine Gemstone Jewelry, a leader in the boutique gemstone business, is having a retirement sale right now, and all sapphire engagement rings, gemstone jewelry, and loose gemstones are 20% off until inventory is depleted!

What about Pristine Gemstone makes this sale a priority?

Okay, now the name ‘pristine’ should give you some sort of clue. Rogerio Graca, one half of the husband-wife duo behind the brand, has been in the professional gem-cutting game since 1992. He learned the craft in Brazil, which is not only his home country, but a country world-renowned for its gemstones. So, yes, he and his legacy are legit.

This Retirement Sale Is Just In Time for Nat’l Proposal Day Ring:

Rogerio uses a “Precision Cut” machine that allows him to cut his gemstones at their correct refractive index. Not all colored gemstones that you see on the market are cut properly (only about 5 percent are precision cut). A gemstone must be cut at its correct refractive index to reach its potential in brilliance. That’s why you want a ring featuring one of Rogerio’s precision cut gemstones, because they glow wayyyy above the rest.

Also, all of the gemstones that Rogerio, his design savvy wife+partner, Andrea, and their team work with are natural and come from our beautiful Earth - they aren’t manufactured or synthetically produced in a lab. And nearly all of their gemstones hail from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Thailand - conflict-free countries and those that don’t commission child labor. So, you can feel a sense of ethical responsibility in your purchase.

This Retirement Sale Is Just In Time for Nat’l Proposal Day Ring:

Now about that sale, what’s up for grabs?

The present sale applies to ready-to-ship items from sapphire engagement rings and gemstone jewelry to loose gemstones (which can be bought with a custom/bespoke engagement ring in mind). Rogerio and his crew carry thousands of loose gemstones - so unique in hue that it would make a 🌈 jealous. Custom orders are a huge part of their business, so being able to choose a specific and sublime stone to set in a gorgeous ring, it’s all totally special.

Bet you didn’t know how many colors a sapphire could come in…

Going back to our earlier point about this retirement sale being IDEAL for anyone who’s ever thought about something other than a diamond to say “YES’ to, sapphires - one of the most adored and treasured gemstones - are Pristine Gemstone Jewelry’s specialties. And you have nooo idea just how many kaleidoscopic iterations they come in. I’m all about the teal and peacock persuasions, but truly you can pick any sapphire under the sun - blue, peach, pink, purple, yellow, white, and color-changing ((oh yah, color-changing, any fans of mood jewelry, here?)) stones. They’re all ethically-sourced and stunning, not to mention, they register ‘9’ in hardness on the Mohs scale, so they’re a much tougher gemstone - yes, tougher than diamonds…. Just sayin’!

This Retirement Sale Is Just In Time for Nat’l Proposal Day Ring:

Don’t miss out on this retirement blowout

Really, everything that can go is a one-of-a-kind item, and who wouldn’t want to start their engagement off with something OOAK, right off the bat? Again, it’s 20 percent off all sapphire engagement rings, gemstone jewelry, and loose gems (perfect for custom orders) until everything is GONE. March 20th is National Proposal Day, and we’ve considered lots of ways to make it better, but Pristine Gemstone Jewelry’s retirement sale is, hands-down, best of them all.

This Retirement Sale Is Just In Time for Nat’l Proposal Day Ring:

Get engaged before 3/20 with 20 percent off your dream ring. Gosh, that sounds good….


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We partnered with Pristine Gemstone Jewelry to share all the total "I Do" details on this rad retirement sale . As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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