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The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

I’ll be celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary in September, and truth be told, I’ve probably only worn my wedding ring about 60 percent of the time 😮. I know that sounds bad, but I have reasons… none of which have to do with not wanting to be married or not being proud to have a symbol of my love around my finger. Nope. It all has to do with the actual jewelry itself. My wedding band is beautiful and it complements my engagement ring perfectly. It’s my favorite type of gold (rose) and it has gorgeous inset diamonds. But in so many other ways, it’s completely impractical. That’s why I’ve decided — today, on the 16th anniversary of our relationship beginning (high school sweethearts, total cheese, I know) — that I’m going to get a new wedding ring. Something super fun and silicone, from active lifestyle company, QALO

We have so much love for traditional metal wedding bands, but what happens when…

You want to show off your just-married status and all that newlywed glow, and your ring ends up shipwrecked at the bottom of the ocean after you go snorkeling on your honeymoon?

You end up slipping your ring off to ‘protect it,’ but fail to stow it somewhere safely and it consequently gets lost, misplaced, or stolen, even?

You go to work — especially in an active/first response-type environment — and your ring gets damaged or roughed up in some regard. Perhaps wearing it even impedes you from doing your job on a daily basis?

You grow tired of its look, but really don’t have the patience to get it resized, add embellishments, modernize it since getting married?

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

For me, personally

I love my husband intensely and I still get butterflies when I am wearing my wedding band and catch a glimpse of it on my left hand. But I probably haven’t worn it as much as I thought I would, when picking it out, for a couple reasons:

I’m not a huge fine jewelry person to begin with 🤷🏻‍♀️...

And as much as I adore my engagement ring and wedding band, for what they represent, I just have a bad habit of taking them off.

I’ve had two kids and am currently pregnant with my third...

So my fingers have grown and stretched way beyond what’s comfortable to fit my size 4.25 wedding band.

Full transparency (OK pretty shallow, I know), I really haven’t loved how my engagement ring and wedding band look ...

... With the unpainted nails and perpetual athleisure ensemble (aka that work-from-home fash) situation catalyst from the COVID pandemic.

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

There are so many reasons why you might not want a traditional metal wedding band or might want to have a backup for said ring, but a silicone ring from QALO — the brand that stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors — is amazing to have, no matter what the circumstances are. 

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

From the pros, the ones who know

Silicone is a versatile material. Made from the naturally occurring element silicon, silicone is a polymer that can be molded and formed into a variety of shapes. Found frequently in jewelry, cookware, bakeware and other household items, silicone is immensely popular and perfect for those in certain lines or work or those who subscribe to an active lifestyle (and we don’t just mean triathletes and gym diehards, either — we’re talking about anyone/any pair who goes for walks, goes camping, enjoys full-velocity-type adventures and bucket-list eliminating activities – the full spectrum of adrenaline enthusiasts).

That affordability. 

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

Silicone is an affordable material. Unlike gold, silver, or other precious metals, silicone isn’t considered precious and doesn’t have the same price point as those naturally-occuring metals. That’s why companies like QALO can make silicone products at a more affordable price without sacrificing quality! 

That durability. 

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

Silicone is a durable material. It can withstand heats of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it doesn’t crack under pressure, so it won’t melt or split like traditional metal bands would. 

That comfort.

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

Silicone is a comfortable material. While it doesn’t stretch and lose its shape, it does feel much less restricting on your finger than traditional metal bands, which is perfect for individuals who need a comfortable ring, maybe because they work with their hands all day. The comfort aspect of silicone rings is probably one of the number one reasons why people choose silicone rings. 👈 I’m in this camp, for sure. 

QALO, because YOLO (your ring should be the first thing you grab, next to your love) 

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

"I’d give it more stars if I could. My husband loves it and QALO was the only company that allowed enough letters for the customized words we wanted on our rings! It’s so comfortable!"

"For someone who works as a first responder, this ring is the perfect fit and great alternative to my usual titanium ring." 

"Love how intricate, yet not delicate, the engraving on my custom strata came out. The only silicone ring I'll want to wear at the gym!!"

"The quality of the QALO ring is second to none, it’s stylish yet durable to withstand everything including exercising…I love it!"

Oh yeah, about the engraving

The Seriously Strong Case for the Practical Wedding Band

You can add your dating anniversary, wedding date and/or locale, or even just a cute nod to your pet names for each other. Get 20% off your silicone rings (which are ridiculously reasonable to begin with) with our code "WEDDINGCHICKS" at checkout, and add a custom engraving to a QALO strata ring for an additional $8.95. 

**Note, the promo is valid through 12/31/22, with one use per customer**


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We partnered with QALO to get these affordable and resilient wedding bands on your radar. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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