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Surprise Proposal In Church

Daniel and I met when we were seven years old. My family attended his dads church, and soon became members. Our families got close in years passing. While in middle school Dan would come to my house to get tutoring from my mom. We started to see each other a lot and ended up becoming best friends. We hung out almost everyday. 

Dan always said when dating girls he had never noticed that he was looking for me, my attributes and characteristics in other girls. This soon became obvious to all of our friends. All of his girlfriends looked and dressed like me. During my sophomore year of high school Dan told me he had feelings for me and he wanted to give us a shot. It took me a while before I gave him an answer but my answer was "yes!" Daniel does videography/photography for a living. He currently does video announcements (video/audio) for his dads church. 

On Sunday December 31, 2017 after the announcements played. The screens went black, the speakers went out. I was nervous because Daniel usually fixes this stuff during our service. Before I could get up to go find him a video started playing. It started started off with "I have a question". Suspenseful music played and then it said "Will you marry me?" At this point I think everyone who wasn't in on it was confused because it didn't say a name. Then a song played Daniel made me years ago and a slide of pictures of us came on the screen. Daniel then walked on the stage smiling from ear to ear, clapping his hands to the song. He asked me to come on the stage. Dan got on one knee and popped the question. Of course I said "yes!" Our big day is on July 21st of this year! We can not wait!

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