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Where to Get the Best Engagement Ring Inspiration

Round diamond on hand It’s true that some people know exactly what they want for an engagement ring (when the time comes), but not everyone is so indubitably decided — and that’s OK! In fact, we get even more excited to see soon-to-be-engaged-ers figure out their perfect engagement ring style through exploration and inspiration. And the best can be gleaned from the Gram, tbh. Rêve Diamonds’ feed stands out for its always-sparkly content, so if you need to see rings in real life and/or on real people, then you’ll want to start following this legacy jewelry brand. From oval-shaped stunners to ridiculously-pretty radiant diamonds, yes you’ll have a lot to reference, but you’ll also have gut reactions that you can trust to lead you to your ring.

Their back story checks out, of course…

Emerald cut with side trapezoids Based in New York City, in the heart of Manhattan, Rêve Diamonds provides premium quality diamonds at unrivaled prices. The customer always comes first with the business (I mean, they should, right? Especially for a purchase as important as an engagement ring), and that’s what has earned Rêve the role of ‘jeweler for life’ for hundreds of thousands of diamond-seeking shoppers. When it comes to the goods? They offer an extensive inventory of over 30,000 premium-quality loose diamonds which, as both a manufacturer and a distributor (i.e. they make and sell), they’re able to offer at wholesale prices 20 – 40% below those found in retail stores — and that’s major savings on GIA-certified, gemologically-preferred diamonds. Color, clarity, and shape of the stones are all considered before they’re curated for Rêve customers. And when their artisan workshop is commissioned for custom items, be it engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands, diamond necklaces, pendants, tennis bracelets, and/or earrings by fans and followers, the traditional, contemporary, and bespoke pieces that transpire are nothing short of beautiful keepsakes to be treasured forever. Princess cut pave band

But the real inspo comes from their reels.

Why you’re going to want to check these out

You’ll see the rings up close.

Product shots are great, but there’s nothing like seeing a ring show off on a real hand. And that’s what Rêve Diamonds does really well.

You’ll learn about the looks beyond the center stone.

Emerald cut with trapezoid sides Yes, that main rock means so much, but it’s not the only MVP. Rêve revels in shining a light on the accent stones, the side all-stars, the designs that aren’t always an exceptional solitaire ( multistones ftw !). Because you might have a handle on the basics (round, radiant, pear, or princess cuts, three-stone or pave settings), but once you start seeing things like bezel edging, it’ll make you rethink everything you thought you knew.

You’ll get a better gauge on your gem and what size you’ll want it.

Sure, you can see a ring selfie on a feed (and Rêve certainly makes those shout outs to the #justengaged folks) and double tap it because you’re obsessed with the sparkle, as many are 🙋🏻‍♀️. But when you can see a few unique stones next to each other or have carat sizes compared , you can really start honing your engagement ring wish list. And with Rêve, you quite literally have over 100,000 diamonds to choose from, including colored and lab-grown diamonds. Wow. Princess cut pave band

When you finally realize what you want in that ring, you’ll never regret something custom

“Overall excellent experience and would highly recommend to anybody looking for a customized engagement ring. Amazingly beautiful final product, resizing was easy and lots of help along every step of the way. Completely unable to say enough great things about Reve! Everything was perfect!” Emerald cut with trapezoid sides Like we said, we love it when someone has crystal clear direction on their dream ring before the proposal goes down, but we also have a special spot in our ❤️for those who need a little extra inspo before they know what they’ll be saying ‘YES’ to. Book an appointment with one of Rêve’s diamond and jewelry experts at their New York showroom or remotely from the comfort of your home . Instagram Post
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