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Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally a Priority, Thanks to Mabel & Main

Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally a Priority, Thanks to Mabel & Main

Let’s start this post with a shocking albeit incredibly-truthful reality: most fine jewelers only stock ‘standard’ ring sizes in stores and online, which means that their typical “upper most” is a size 9 or 10 max. Of course, a few exceptions (in mass jewelry retailers) with size offerings up to 13 exist, but it’s rare to say the least. This is why we’re beyond excited to see newcomer Mabel & Main changing up the game and providing brides, grooms, and couples overall with gorgeous rings in sizes 9-24. And it’s not just a single style or two, their entire repertoire is thoughtfully designed with inclusivity in mind. So, whether you’re about to get engaged or starting to look at rings for your wedding, do not sleep on this brand. You’re going to love it.

Plus-size aisle apparel has been ramping up for years

But let’s think about that for a sec… Not saying that an engagement ring is absolutely necessary for the proposal, but it’s a tradition with staying power and serious sparkle. Without the all-important ask to kick things off, the natural nuptials chain of events can’t really commence. So, there needs to be jewelry for everyone embarking on these big milestones first, well before the dress shopping starts. 

Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally a Priority, Thanks to Mabel & Main

plus-size accessories, though, haven’t seen the same strides

Yes, you can absolutely search for ‘plus-size engagement rings’ or ‘plus-size wedding bands’ and pull up some legit-looking results, but the issues/challenges here are multifold: 1) Upon further exploration of x, y, and z sites, it becomes brazenly clear that sizing rarely extends into double digits. 2) The shop-now options for plus-size customers are incredibly limited. 3) Bespoke ring tailoring is usually the only way to go, but requests often lead to judgmental shopping experiences and significant sizing customization fees.

A customer should never have to pay “extra” for their size, like ever, but even overlooking that, the ring that you end up with should be exactly what you envisioned, something specially designed for your finger, and something that looks right, not distorted. It’s a serious flaw in the industry that so many brands have attempted to “accommodate” plus-size patrons rather than celebrate and imagine fashion for them. 

Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally a Priority, Thanks to Mabel & Main

The first and only plus-size exclusive bridal jeweler 

At Mabel & Main, ring modelling starts at size 12 (well above the industry ‘standards’), without stretching or disproportionate looks. What that means is that all of the design work and innovation is intentional—all to ensure appropriate and balanced, full-width diamond coverage. The rings feature GIA-certified, conflict-free diamonds set in gold or platinum—nickel and lead-free—metals, always.

Most importantly, though, the Mabel & Main design team understands plus-size styling and craftsmanship intimately, so it’s not like the brand is creating jewelry and scaling for a market they’re completely out of touch with. And because everything’s sold online, direct to couples, the Mabel & Main approach eliminates wholesalers, inventory costs, and retail store markups that inevitably drive up prices.

Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally a Priority, Thanks to Mabel & Main

Rings that fit as great as they feel to wear

• Inspired Designs. Inspiration is taken from some of the most sought-after traditional looks including halos, fancy shapes, and enhancers.

• Diamond Coverage. Diamonds go down 60% of the band on most of Mabel & Main’s styles; so, whether you are women’s wedding ring size 11 or 20, you will have maximum diamond coverage.

• Band Thickness. The band thickness is increased across all of Mabel & Main’s styles to provide added durability and presence on a larger-sized finger.

• Easily Stackable. Bridal ring sets allow for even bolder looks by increasing the width of the look as more bands (like anniversary bands, for instance) are added on.

• Comfort Tapers. These design features ensure curves and lines are beautifully stated, while also exceptionally comfortable.

• Gallery Designs. Detailing on the inner edge of the ring gives the larger-width bands an inner “flare” (that’s often overlooked with traditional ‘plus-size’ offerings) 

Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally a Priority, Thanks to Mabel & Main

And even though Mabel & Main just launched in Summer 2021, the new and modern plus-size exclusive retailer has the experience and thought leadership of its sister brand, My Trio Rings, to precede it. Based in NYC’s illustrious diamond district, Mabel & Main has been brought to fruition with four generations of jewelry background and a 10+ year advantage with My Trio Rings to pave the way.

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We partnered with Mabel & Main to get these size-inclusive rocks on your radar. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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