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NYC Restaurant Engagement Shoot

NYC Restaurant Engagement Shoot

New York, New York, a city so nice they named it twice; housing plenty of culture to fill several lifetimes! So what does a newly engaged couple do for their engagement shoot in the heart of NYC? Well, if poses in the park aren't really up your alley you might try featuring some of your favorite locations! 

This next engagement shoot takes place in the famous Russ & Daughters cafe, and we must say we are completely sold on this fabulous place! You will find more of this sweet day below as well as plenty of photos from Keri Tan Photography in the full gallery. Enjoy!

NYCs Russ And Daughters cafe engagement shoot at NYCs Russ And Daughters cafe

engagement shoot at NYCs Russ And Daughters cafe

brunch cocktail at Russ and Daughters

smoked salmon and beagles

brunch engagement shoot

Russ & Daughters

New York City's legendary restaurant Russ & Daughters has been serving Jewish comfort food for over 100 years in America. Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, this restaurant is frequented by the rich and famous, with a steady clientele of actors and celebrities. 

The restaurant has been featured on many popular food/restaurant blogs and pop culture news and articles, some including The New York Times, Eater, Conde Nast Traveler, and New York Magazine. 

An Engaging Day

Within this engagement shoot, you will find lovely details of the restaurant itself as well as the couple themselves enjoying one of Russ & Daughters famous Smoked Salmon platters and desserts. The couple also wonders into the Russ & Daughters local shop to get fresh herrings and other fish. 

They capped off their engagement brunch with a walk around the neighborhood where they stopped in at the famous Economy Candy store to snag a few sweets - another iconic landmark that has been around for many years.

Russ and Daughters appetizers fresh fish at Russ and Daughters

Shopping for snacks

NYCs Economy Candy Store Economy Candy store engagement shoot

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