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MiaDonna Keeps Serving Up More Reasons to Love Them

MiaDonna Keeps Serving Up More Reasons to Love Them

Sooo speaking of engagement rings, we wanted to talk about a common misconception/myth that’s been circulating out there for years: that women always want to be surprised when it comes to the rings that are slipped around their fingers. Notttt necessarily true. Sure, it’s a nice idea in theory; that a woman would be proposed to, say ‘YES’ (obviously), and absolutely love and adore her ring, without reluctance - but that doesn’t always happen. For one reason or another, perhaps she hasn’t given her partner enough hints about her preferences, perhaps her partner hasn’t a clue about her ring size, maybe they both haven’t discussed the possibility of marriage yet, so rings aren’t exactly on either of their radars, engagement ring disappointment ends up being a real thing. And it sucks. But we know precisely what can help with the potential issue, and it kind of complements April’s National Couple Appreciation Month amazingly. It’s called an at-home try-on, and no, it doesn’t ruin the surprise of a proposal itself. In fact, it can make it even better, according to MiaDonna - the global leader in beautiful, ethical lab-grown diamond bridal jewelry.

But first, a recap on MiaDonna, if you haven’t been keeping up.

MiaDonna is the global leader for beautiful, ethical fine bridal jewelry crafted in the United States with lab-grown diamonds, lab-grown gemstones, the Diamond Hybrid® simulant, recycled natural diamonds, and precious recycled metals. The company was founded by a mother looking to shake up the traditional earth-mined diamond industry. And we’re all about #bossmoms over here. So total thumbs up!

MiaDonna Keeps Serving Up More Reasons to Love Them

If you're looking for a custom engagement ring, MiaDonna is the way to go. With their custom design process, their team will work with you to create the engagement ring of your dreams. They have an incredibly wide variety of loose lab-grown diamonds to choose from, from Half Moon shapes to Princess cuts; they also have an exclusive Hexagon cut lab-grown diamond, sold only at MiaDonna, so you won’t ever run into any “she and I have the same ring ughhh" drama.

The super cool thing about this brand, though, is that with every purchase, a minimum of 5% of annual profits are donated to their foundation, The Greener Diamond. The organization works to create projects and initiatives to help restore the lives and land damaged by the diamond mining industry in countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia. Additionally, with every order placed, MiaDonna plants one tree through the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to support reforestation. LOVE this cause every day, but especially during Earth Month!! 🙌🙌🙌

Ladies like to know that they’ll love what they’re waiting for.

Let’s be honest, who would rather know what their engagement ring is going to look like (and already love it 100p) or have it be a total surprise, but risk getting the ring and not being thrilled with it? We’re pretty sure every woman out there would gladlyyyy avoid having ring returns/modifications/size adjustments/stone changes - after all, once she says ‘YES’ to the proposal, she’ll want to wear the hell out of that ring, show it off, and bask in that post-engagement afterglow for as long as she wants.

MiaDonna Keeps Serving Up More Reasons to Love Them

That’s why MiaDonna’s industry-leading home try-on program is SO huge. Here’s actually how it happens:

  1. You’ll select four sample styles from their home try-on collection. Your package will ship via USPS First Class Mail and will arrive within 1-3 business days.
  2. You’ll try on the rings... Take photos and show them off to your friends and family. Whether you find a ring you love or not, there is no obligation to purchase.
  3. You’ll use the return label provided to mail them back. Package all four rings and drop off at your nearest USPS office by the 7th day of your trial. When you’ve decided on your much-loved look and fit, now it’s time to shop online and build your dream ring.

Oh! And it’s completely and entirely 100% free (a $100 deposit is required, but will be refunded - in full - once all the jewelry is returned safely). Truthfully, the bride-to-be can let her partner control ALL of this, too, so all the behind-the-scenes stuff is handled stealthily. All she needs to share are her ring size and favorite style. Afterwards, she can forget all about it, and just leave the planning, asking, and giving up to her future fiancé.

MiaDonna Keeps Serving Up More Reasons to Love Them

And they can brainstorm all the bridal looks by doing so, too.

MiaDonna actually JUST launched a new collection of Stackable rings. Designed to be oh-so versatile, their Stackable rings include a variety of vintage, modern, and classic styles that have been created to fit perfectly with any of their Stackable wedding bands. Created so multiple bands can be worn together, these rings can be added to your ring finger party for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or the birth of a child. And you’re not limited to white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold matching - you can mix and match however you please to piece together your perfect Stackable ring combination. Why wear one when you can stack many?!?!! Yaaas.

So many of the new Stackable designs are available through the try-on program, so the bride-to-be can consider not only her engagement ring, but her wedding band, too! She’ll also get to see how this stacking situation really stacks up IRL...

So many reasons to love ‘em.

Find your perfect match

through MiaDonna’s home try-on and/or shop the newly-debuted collection of Stackable rings today! P.S. If you purchase from MiaDonna, don't forget to share your style on social media and tag #MyMiaDonna for a chance to be featured on their feed!


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We partnered with MiaDonna to bring you all the details on their conflict-free and home try-on campaign, headlined by lots of new stackable rings. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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