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Jean Dousset has to be your first stop when you’re ring shopping

lab grown engagement ring and bracelets by Jean Dousset

Oh hey there, and should we say congrats on your upcoming engagement? You’re here, aren’t you? It’s totally cool to shop ahead of time, in fact, we encourage it! Buying an engagement ring is usually the first and one of the most important investments a couple will make together, so it makes sense that you should have a say in what you wear on your finger for [happily] ever after. And if you’re the S.O. looking for the perfect ring to pop the question…welcome! You too are in the right place. So let’s dive on into the bling.

large diamond wedding bands and bracelets by Jean Dousset

Shopping for rings can be intimidating, and after scrolling a while, they can all start to look the same. Really, when it comes to buying the perfect ring, the key is finding the perfect jeweler. Someone you can trust with quality, ethical sourcing, and craftsmanship, the list goes on and on. And there’s more to finding a trustworthy diamond retailer than checking the reviews. Jean Dousset is the leading brand and authority in lab-grown diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry. And it’s no wonder, he’s the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier (as in the Cartier). So, with that kind of legacy, you could say designing jewelry is in his DNA.

what exactly is a lab-grown diamond?

oval engagement ring by Jean Dousset

Chances are you’ve come across a variety of diamond retailers in your search and you’ve no doubt heard mention of mined vs lab-grown diamonds. So what does it all mean? Mined diamonds are mined by people (at times under questionable conditions). Just like the name says, lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab under ethically regulated conditions. And because nothing is left to chance (like it is with Mother Nature), lab-grown diamonds are able to achieve unprecedented quality and clarity every time. That’s why you’ll be shocked (in the best way) to see the prices on these stunners from Jean Dousset! With lab-grown diamonds, you're getting chemically and optically the same stone for a fraction of the price of their mined counterparts. And Jean Dousset only uses the créme de la créme (the world’s top 1% of GIA-certified diamonds) in their designs, so you know you’re getting the best! Now the only decision you have to make is how to spend the extra savings. You could put it toward the wedding, or tack on a few more carats to your rings…it’s up to you.

finding the one(s)

giant affordable engagement rings by Jean Dousset

When you’re shopping for an engagement ring, it’s important to remember that you’re shopping for a set. Whether you envision your stack with one or two bands (which is trending hard at the moment), the type of band you choose will definitely play into the overall look of your engagement ring. And brides, you’re not the only one shopping for a ring. Jean Dousset also has a great selection of men’s wedding bands. You know we’re all about the details so we also love that each of Jean Dousset’s engagement rings includes personalized finishing touches like complimentary engraving and a Signature Stone® hidden inside the band. You can see the signature stone below.

large lab grown diamond engagement ring by Jean Dousset

With their super user-friendly website, you can design your own ring in real-time. You get to pick everything from the band details, to the metal, and obvi the all-important center stone. They also offer complimentary in-person or virtual appointments, if you need or want a little extra help from the pros. Their experts provide white-glove You Above All® service from start to finish–from selecting your diamond and designing your ring to helping you style your wedding day jewelry (oh yeah, don’t forget to check out the jewelry section!).

diamond hoop earrings, necklace, and rings by Jean Dousset

While made-to-order custom rings are their specialty, Jean Dousset also has an amazing selection of in-stock engagement rings and jewelry that are ready-to-ship and they can be in your hand in just two days! Because [to quote When Harry Met Sally] “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

wedding jewlery by Jean Dousset

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wedding jewelry by Jean Dousset

We partnered with Jean Dousset to bring you these invaluable tips on ring shopping. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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