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If You’re Doing Diamonds You’ll Have to Reach Out to RockHer

If You’re Doing Diamonds You’ll Have to Reach Out to RockHer

A diamond purchase is a big deal, no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re proposing with a stunning engagement ring grounded with a gorgeous center diamond, buying a pair of sparkling studs for a special someone in your life for her birthday, hyped-up holiday, or as a wedding gift, or just starting to shop around for THE diamond for when the moment is right, you’re going to want to know that your rock is well-rounded [not literally, I myself have a Princess cut and I’m a huge fan of Emerald and Radiant shapes]. We caught up with our friends at RockHer, the first-ever artificial intelligence-driven bespoke luxury engagement ring site and direct-to-consumer brand with the world’s first diamond search engine (pretty intense, right?), and they really magnified the reasons why getting a diamond that’s not just “right,” but “right for you” is so important. Plus, they provided a lot of pretty to back it all up… So, if you’re in the market for one, you’ll want to keep scrolling.

Remember RockHer? If not, here’s the recap.
  • They make everything you order in Los Angeles. There's no middle man. 

  • They're all about the build-your-own engagement ring trend. Who isn’t at this point, right? #BYO and I Do have totally become a thing.

  • They believe in working together through every stage of the sparkler selection process to produce a contemporary piece that still maintains luxurious, elegant, glamorous, and timeless appeal.

  • They only offer the best value GIA certified diamonds, and even those exceed their accepted standards.

  • They revel in creating bespoke pieces around an extraordinary gem. And they apply the same care and skill to a modest half-carat engagement ring as they would to an auction-worthy 100-carat pink diamond necklace. Every piece matters. It’s just all about the gems.

  • They work tirelessly to make rings that are totally tailored for you and all of your tastes - which results in a better quality ring, without any seams or weaknesses.

  • They ensure that every gem and any metal(s) used in your setting(s) has been sourced responsibly. #conflictfreecommitment 

  • They're essentially like another brand you know and love. Consider them the Warby Parker of engagement rings. 

If You’re Doing Diamonds You’ll Have to Reach Out to RockHer

And the coolest part of their whole business is what they do with a little thing they call ROSI. They’ve come up with the world’s first digital diamond expert / gemologist, who is ONLY there to make sure you find the best diamond for your partner. It starts with an algorithm, gets enhanced through IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence, and results in a killer new shopping experience. For real, engagement ring and diamond buying as we know it will never be the same.

how does ROSI make sure your diamonds are literally the best?

Well, consider her your 4Cs-competent, computer concierge. There’s no human error here (not saying that jewelers are biased, but alsoooo not saying that they’re not….).

All you do is:

  1. Select the diamond shape your fiancé/fiancée finds irresistible (from Asscher to Cushion, Emerald to Radiant)

  2. Enter your budget

  3. Choose your preference(s) - whether you’re hunting based on balance (ROSI will look for diamonds at the best price for you); size (...look for diamonds with the biggest carat size); quality (...look for diamonds of the highest quality - cut, color, and clarity).

  4. Rosi’s Diamond Intelligence algorithm makes actual recommendations by completing a deep-analysis of over 30 parameters per stone of currently available, worldwide GIA-certified diamonds in seconds. Those results are then mapped visually to simplify the decision-making process.

If You’re Doing Diamonds You’ll Have to Reach Out to RockHer

You can then see a short list of results that best match what you and your partner want and need. You can see the stats on the carat size, the color, the clarity, whether there’s noticeable fluorescence, and the price - oh! And get 360-degree videos of it, too.

Provided you see something you like (and you will, of course), you can either add the stone - on its own - to your shopping bag or add it to a ring and move onto the customization portion of the process. You do it all on your own, too, so you’re making the decisions, you’re pulling all the levers, you’re doing it without pressures or tensions that you very well could run into in stores. And it’s freakin fun!!!

We have fave diamond looks, but RN we love the idea of loose diamonds.

Somethings to think about re: loose diamonds, because not too many people consider an ‘incomplete’ purchase like this. But OMG, it has such potential of becoming a trend.

  • All about the stone. The setting matters, it does, but the stone is everything. It’s the part that leaves the biggest impression on her heart. If you can check all the boxes off on the stone and ensure it’s absolutely perfect, you’ve won.

  • The money goes towards the integrity of the rock. Truthfully, the preset rings that jewelers sell are often way above or below your budget - because they account for the diamond AND the overall aesthetic of the complete ring. If you go the way of a loose diamond, you can guarantee that the bulk of your budget will go towards an incredible quality gem. And then you can shop around for a setting that feels right with the remainder of your budget.

  • Lets her play a part. Now, about that setting. Unless she’s legitimately talked about the setting she wants before, you probably only know what her size is and what shape she likes. So, with a loose stone, you can show her you’ve listened, but also give her the freedom to pick the setting she’ll want to hold your diamond forever. 

If You’re Doing Diamonds You’ll Have to Reach Out to RockHer

We’ll continue to obsess over this company, because the modernity is just so major. And we’re always going to be here for a brand that takes the heavy lifting out of a crazy overwhelming shopping experience. We have personal shoppers for the easiest apparel purchases, why shouldn’t we have them for diamond shopping, too? LBH, it requires a hell of a lot more than a credit card and a few hours to kill….

And about those studs. Wedding gift genius 

If You’re Doing Diamonds You’ll Have to Reach Out to RockHer

The perfect diamond doesn't just exist for engagement rings... if you've already got your rings, but haven't yet come up with the gift you know will complete her bridal glow, diamond earrings will do it. Every. Time. Just our opinion... take it or leave it! 


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We partnered with RockHer to bring you all the details on their AI-driven diamond brand. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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