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Is a Platinum Ring Right for You?

Platinum engagement ring two stone

Even if you have a pretty well-versed knowledge of jewelry, there’s a good chance you might be forgetting about one of the major metals in the game: Platinum. Golds get ALL the love, but platinum is spectacular, too. In fact, our friends at ever&ever® say that if you can remember only one thing about the precious metal, you should remember this: That a ring made from platinum is rare, strong, and pure. And your love is like that, so why shouldn’t your ring be, too? It’s been a while since we’ve done a quiz, so we figured it’d be fun to put one together for the soon-to-be-engaged crew, among you!

Review these five questions and select the response that most applies to you.

Platinum engagement ring choices

And remember, this is simply for entertainment purposes! If it feels right, and it makes you rethink what you want for your ring, then so be it — but we’re not trying to pigeonhole anyone — just want to make that clear!

So… how about that OG factor with your ring?

The more unique and OOAK my ring is, the better

I like what’s trending, tbh

Platinum trinity engagement ring and vintage band

So… how about color in your metals?

Oh yes, pink or yellow metallics make me smile

Nah, it’s pure white metallics for me

Platinum vintage engagement ring

So… how about an upkeep plan of attack?

Low maintenance = life

Routine cleaning is my love language

Platinum emerald engagement ring and platinum band

So… how about your budget?

There’s some wiggle room

Hoping most of it goes towards the rock

Platinum engagement ring with halo

So… how about any skin sensitivities?

Nope, nothing to report 👍

Eep, what doesn’t give me a reaction?

Platinum pear engagement ring

If you said you were a trend-forward, white metals purist with a flexible, no-holds-barred type of budget, sensitive skin, and no qualms with cleaning and routine maintenance to keep your ring in great shape, then you’d be a serious candidate for a platinum ring. P.S. The first question could actually point to platinum with either response, because although the metal is much rarer than gold (thus unique, in that way), it’s also always on ‘most popular’ lists for engagement rings. Platinum just oozes elegance, and elegance can lean trendy or timeless.

According to ever&ever:

  • Platinum is naturally white
  • Platinum will never fade or change color over time
  • Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, has a weighty feel, and holds diamonds and gemstones more securely than any other metal (which is huge, because platinum’s silver hue already makes a diamond appear more sparkly — with a more durable and resilient composition to hold the stone, it’s pretty much a double threat)
  • People appreciate platinum due to its strength and rarity, which makes its value long-lasting.

Platinum wedding bands

With ever&ever®, every piece of jewelry is made with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility by using SCS-certified 100% recycled precious metals. Stone selections include choice of conflict-free natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. Expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials combine to create an heirloom that will last a lifetime. And since platinum is almost certain to increase in value over time, you’ll have a keepsake of your love that’s beyond worth it — emotionally and fiscally.

Head to ever&ever® now to shop their assortment of platinum bridal, engagement rings and wedding bands.

And follow @everandeverbridal on IG to see even more inspo as we head into engagement season

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