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DIY Engagement Photo Shoot

do it yourself engagement photos

This is for all our DIY brides, we know there are a ton of you out there. Here is another great tip from one bride on how she saved some dollars.
My fiance and I are on a slightly tight budget for our wedding, since he is from New Zealand and can't legally work in the States. So, we've been getting creative and cutting as many corners as possible for our wedding. It's actually proved to be quite fun!
One of the things we really wanted, but couldn't afford, was engagement photos. Instead of hiring a professional, we enlisted the help of my twin sister! She went to school for photography for 2 years, but isn't technically a "professional". When I asked her to take some photos for us, she happily agreed and did two sessions with us...for free! It was such an amazing experience and made it even more special to have photos taken by my twin sister.
I want to let brides-on-a-budget know that it's possible to get creative! If you want something, but can't quite afford it, hire friends, family, or friends-of-friends. It's possible to get creative help...just ask!
Thanks :)

do it yourself engagment photo shoot

do it yourself engagment photo shoot

do it yourself engagment shoot

Share any other great saving tips you might be using in your wedding! All ideas welcome.

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