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Are You Taking Care Of Your Engagement Ring? Here’s How

beautiful Marquis diamond engagement ring and matching band in rose gold with halo by Lámore Design

For most people, their engagement ring is the most meaningful (and most expensive) piece of jewelry that they own, yet it’s the piece of jewelry that takes the most abuse. And while they’re built to last, engagement rings should be treated like the delicate works of art that they are. We talked to Designer and GIA Graduate Gemologist Annie of Lámore Design (one of our favorite lines for all things wedding jewelry) and asked her exactly how we should be taking care of our engagement rings. You’ll be shocked when you hear how many everyday activities could be putting your most precious piece of jewelry at risk!

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professional ring cleaning vs at home

beautiful Marquis diamond engagement ring and matching band in rose gold with halo by Lámore Design

As with all jewelry, engagement rings can use a good cleaning every now and then, especially if you’re wearing it daily! “Generally, we recommend professionally cleaning your jewelry every 6 to 12 months,” explained Annie. “The professional cleaning and inspection service will help identify potential issues like loose settings, chipped stones, discolored metal, etc. However, you can clean your jewelry at home in-between professional cleanings.” But what does that look like? Does washing your hands while you’re wearing it count? Because we all do that a lot lately! Unfortunately, no. In fact, according to Annie, “residue from lotion or soap is the main reason for making the gemstone appear dull. The buildup will cloud the bottom of the gemstone, especially for softer stones like morganite or aquamarine, making the stones look dull and lose their shine”.

so, what does a professional cleaning entail?

 La More Design oval engagement ring with halo and matching band stack

Most jewelers offer a professional cleaning service which can run upwards of $50, depending on your location. Lámore Design offers its clients a complimentary cleaning service with all of their jewelry, and here’s what’s included:

  • Re-tightening loose stones

  • Re-tightening prongs

  • Re-dipping (rhodium) - white gold jewelry only

  • Re-polishing the entire jewelry

  • Full inspection and cleaning of the entire piece of the jewelry

for in-between professional cleanings, Annie was kind enough to share her at-home jewelry care routine with us:

La More Design engagement rings marquis, oval, and pear Ring: Lámore Design

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or baby-friendly laundry detergent. We recommend eco-friendly options, as they’re extra gentle.

  • Allow your jewelry to soak in this mixture for up to 30 minutes. After, gently clean your jewelry using a clean, soft bristle toothbrush (or Q-tips) and rinse the ring well.

  • Keep the ring in/above the bowl during the cleaning process—if a loose diamond or gemstone falls out, the bowl will catch it.

  • Once clean, dry the ring immediately with a soft cloth to avoid hard water stains on the surface of the stones.

But, before you dive into the newest addition to your self-care ritual, here are some things to be wary of.

Detergents like baking soda, vinegar, or household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals should be avoided as these can damage some gemstones and metals. Some gemstones are soft, such as aquamarine or morganite, and therefore you should avoid scrubbing the center stone directly to avoid scratches. Ethiopian opal is a gemstone that should NOT come in contact with water or other liquids. For more on cleaning your ring at home and helpful tips from Annie, check out their blog.

is there a common mistake that people make when caring for their rings?

pear shaped diamond engagement ring and matching band in rose gold by Lámore Design Ring: Lámore Design

It’s a loaded question, but we had to ask, even if we were afraid to know the answer. Here’s what Annie had to say, “There are a few common mistakes we've noticed in our jewelry career."

1. Applying hand sanitizer or using a harsh cleaner without removing the ring. These 3 years during the pandemic particularly, we see many damaged rings that have discolored metal issues. GUILTY 😬

2. Not removing the ring while applying lotion. GUILTY 😬

3. Not removing the ring when doing heavy-duty physical activities, such as weightlifting, pilates, and exercising. A strong impact can damage the setting of the ring easily, causing stones to fall out (get pushed out) from the setting. GUILTY 😬

Looks like we all better book a professional cleaning ASAP! If you’re still looking for your perfect engagement ring or your wedding bands, we can’t recommend Lámore Design enough. Just look at how gorgeous all of these rings are and now you know about their complimentary cleaning service!

pear shaped diamond engagement ring and matching band in rose gold by Lámore Design Ring: Lámore Design

Check out @lamoredesign on Instagram for even more eye candy.

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