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A Wedding Chicks Proposal Story in Giverny France

A Wedding Chicks Proposal Story in Giverny France

As a little angsty shit-head never did I think I’d be taken to the very top of a hill overlooking Claude Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France with my best friend, and have him drop down on not one, but both knees asking if I was ready to spend the rest of our lives together. That is a run-on sentence if I ever knew one, but it seemed necessary to incorporate all of those details together.

beautiful flowers in Giverny France proposal on top of a hill

As Austin handed me my Grandma’s ring, which was her 25th year wedding anniversary ring, I could tell he was nervous. I really can’t recall out of the 4 years of being together him really being nervous. Austin is usually so calm and collected. Maybe two times max, but that was due to finals in Nursing School. My heart was so full at that moment, it could have burst and I would have been so content.

emotional proposal in Giverny France

beautiful Claude Monet gardens

Obviously I said yes! We immediately began embracing and literally started rolling all over said hill. You should see my sweater, it still has sticks and grass and probably bugs all over it. My arms and legs were so itchy, we really soaked in that moment though - totally worth it! 

Giverny France

I had never really imagined what a proposal would be like and never had any expectations, but this superseded anything I could have even imagined. The rest of our vacation in Paris, France really felt as though we were just floating, so effortlessly in love. 

beautiful trees in bloom in Giverny France

My favorite part was right before Austin knelt down he asked me, “Do you want me to tell you all the things I love about you?” We say that to each other from time to time. We probably always will.

beautiful flowers in France

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