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A Platinum Proposal: All You Need to Know Before Buying the Ring

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It’s engagement season, everyone! So, if you’re approaching ‘that time’ or have been thinking about getting fiancéd-up for a while, it’s good to have a good think about how to approach the engagement ring process. The proposer has a lot of stuff to accomplish before that gorgeous 💎 is ✨✨✨ on that finger! We checked in with Platinum Guild International (PGI) to get ALL the tips for navigating this high-stakes buying process. And after a few minutes with PGI, we certainly had enough ‘FYI’ to pass along.

I remember after getting engaged, when my fiancé (now husband) finally started to breathe normally again, he couldn’t wait to tell me everything he knew/had learned about engagement rings and diamonds over the past few months. 4Cs? Piece of cake. GIA grading? Could go on and on about it until I asked him to stop. He had amassed an incredible amount of information, all for my benefit, and I have to say… it was pretty adorable. Not only did I end up with an engagement ring even more stunning than what I thought I wanted, but I also had the peace of mind knowing that my guy had crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s to make sure I was happy and would have something to last a lifetime. After all, when the engagement is over, the wedding day is done, and the honeymoon is past-tense, the ring serves as the reminder of everything that’s happened and all that is to follow. So, it has to be strong and durable, and that's a promise that can only be made with platinum

With all that said, PGI gave us The 411 on engagement ring buying

And knowing all the hula hoops that my own hubs went through way back when, these sound pretty spot on: 

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Be honest about the budget.

This is a big one: it’s important that you spend the time determining exactly how much you can comfortably spend on an engagement ring. There will always be rings within your price point, so do not worry if you have a more modest price range, you will find something exceptional. You don’t want to overextend yourself, either, because once the engagement is on, the wedding planning expenses are pretty soon to follow. That being said, a ring is certainly not a ‘one and done’ purchase, it is worn every day, year after year. So, think about the expense, yes, but also stay open to the options that will guarantee your ring keeps its glow for the long haul. Being cost-conscious is absolutely advised, but it’s also about being smart with the money you are spending. Sure, buying a platinum ring might be more expensive, but it is completely worthwhile when durability and longevity are both hanging in the balance. It's simply the best, regardless of the wearers' lifestyles, how they wear it, etc.  

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Give yourself time to think it through.

And we don’t mean the engagement itself - if you’ve considered a future together, chatted it out with your other half, and still can’t wait to pop that question, then rock it! We’re really talking about the ring research and buying process. It’ll take some time to do the ring recon - narrowing down what metal she prefers, the style of ring she desires, what diamond shape she loves and her ring size, so be sure to give yourself adequate prep time before making the purchase.

Picking the place your all-important piece of jewelry comes from is just as important as determining the ring style! Whether you work with a family-loved jeweler, accept a referral from a friend, or log hours researching reviews and testimonials to discover the right retailer for you, make sure your ring-maker is trustworthy and has genuine credentials (offers GIA grading reports for the diamonds, etc.) This is probably one of the biggest things you’ve bought to date, so don’t take the planning process lightly!

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Commit to a crash course on the 4Cs.

By the time you’re ready to pop the question, you should have at least a basic understanding of the 4Cs (if diamonds are the gemstone of choice, of course): cut, color, carat and clarity. Your jeweler will absolutely appreciate you taking some time to ‘read up’ on the 4C rules, and they’ll be happy to walk you through any questions you still might have, especially because they are directly linked with how you will spend your budget.

You’ll want to take note of a 5th C, too: the Platinum Crown, the latest addition to the original 4Cs. Choosing a platinum crown ensures that the diamond you’ve just selected is timelessly secure. The durability of platinum makes it the best metal to protect and hold your diamond, making it truly last forever! 

Protect that investment.

Yes, ring insurance is absolutely necessary, but even before that, there are ways to protect your investment. It’s as easy as setting your diamond (or any preferred gemstone) in the paramount setting: platinum. Platinum is a premium, precious metal that is worth the slightly-elevated cost, and there are settings available to match any budget. The unique qualities of the naturally-white metal will allow your center stone to be held most securely compared to other metals. Platinum jewelry is also 90% or 95% pure platinum, and the metal is hypoallergenic making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. It is infinitely more durable and stronger than gold, so it’s built to last - just like your marriage and the bond that you two share. 

We have it on good authority that platinum is one of the most solid and popular metals for engagement rings and wedding bands. If your jeweler doesn’t present you with platinum jewelry options, then ask about them yourself! Seriously, don’t be shy. The benefits far outweigh any awkwardness. And actually, when it comes to weight, platinum carries the most ... how's that for heavy?👌

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And one last ‘take it from me’

It’s funny, I never knew how amazing platinum really was until I received my one-year anniversary band. Both my wedding band and anniversary band are pavé diamond eternity bands, but my wedding band sparkles a WHOLE lot more than my anniversary band. When my husband bought my anniversary ring - as my gift - the jeweler told him that it was the same ring (make and model) and it would match my wedding ring 'perfectly,' but we later found out that my wedding band was made in platinum and the anniversary band was not! I took that signature white sparkle that the platinum provided for granted…it was nooo joke. It really makes a difference when it comes to the wow factor because naturally white platinum enhances the diamond’s sparkle.. Eventually, I’ll get another one to replace the lackluster look of my non-platinum anniversary band, but for now, I’m dealing! I still got my love 😜, the extra sparkle is just on hold for a hot sec!

For more tips on engagement ring buying, click here, or for more education on the perks of platinum, visit their website and/or follow them on Instagram

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We partnered with PGI to share all you need to know before buying that platinum ring and putting your platinum proposal together. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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