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Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings often come with the stamp of “budget-friendly” or laid-back. And while you might be in a mood to save some dollars, you’d also want your wedding to be extra-special, romantic, memorable, and all of those things you’ve always dreamed your wedding to be.
The good news is, with some planning and extra details to keep in mind, you can throw an amazing wedding party that is perfect and dreamy — just the way your heart desires — and memorable for your friends and family.

Here are some helpful, fun, and unique ideas to make your backyard wedding a roaring success. 

1. Prep it up

Make sure you have enough time ahead of the big day to prep your backyard. To be on the safe side, it’s best to start the process at least a couple of months before your event. If you have a landscaped garden, you won’t have to spend much time or money on decorations. The natural pop of colors offered by your flowers and shrubs will take care of it. But to make the most of it, it’s a great idea to plan your garden layout a year in advance. Mow, trim, prune and water on a regular basis to keep your backyard looking prim and proper. 

Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

2. Plan your space

Just because it’s a backyard wedding doesn’t mean that you can scatter the elements of your party just about anywhere. Pay special attention to where you’d be setting up your ceremony. If you have large trees in your backyard, they can form the perfect backdrop and provide shady spots for your guests. Make sure to arrange the seating in a way that your guests are out of direct sunlight. Also, have them face away from the sun so they can enjoy the ceremony without squinting.

Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

3. Consider the time of the year

Are you having a wedding during the summer months or is it a winter wedding? Accordingly, you will have to provision for renting heaters or outdoor fans. What about pesky mosquitoes or insects? Furnish each table with citronella candles, mosquito wipes, and bug sprays. You could wrap these up in cute packages in your wedding theme colors. Additionally, consider supplying your guests with individual hand fans or parasols (you could style them up to match your wedding theme as well). These aren’t just handy but also double as party favors that your guests can take home.

Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

4. Plan for the weather

Having a plan B ready for weather fluctuations is perhaps the most important bit of planning you need to do for your backyard wedding.
It’s great if you’re lucky and have sunshine throughout the day, however, you could risk ruining your big day if you don’t have a plan B if the rain gods wish to send you a gift of showers. That’s why it’s best to rent a tent so moody weather doesn’t throw a wrench in your day. 

Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

5. Have fun entertainment stops 

A backyard wedding allows for a wide range of activities. While dance floors, food stations, and outdoor bars are mandatory and will feature in nearly every wedding party, there are some ideas that can set your special day apart.
One such idea is to have a DIY flower station. It’s a perfect way to entertain your guests and allow them to showcase their creativity by building their own bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, hair wreaths, and whatever their heart pleases. You could have one or more stations depending on the space of your backyard and have personalized seating spaces around each station. Cosy things up with pillows and have well stocked champagne bar set up nearby to make it a fun and inspiring activity that you guests will love to be a part of. Choosing specialized services like flower delivery from Pearsons Florist will allow you to pick from a wide assortment of flowers, while keeping it affordable. 

Tips to Throw Your Dream Backyard Wedding

6. Turn the magic on with wedding lights 

One area where a backyard wedding beats traditional venues is the option to do so much more with lights. You could wrap the trees and plants with strings of fairy lights or let lovely lanterns hang from the branches. Placing lanterns and candles on individual tables, trees and other elements of the landscape can create a beautiful ambience, while lining the sidewalks with neon LED strips could be a quirky addition. The point is, you could go as whacky as you want or keep things elegant and minimalistic with the help of lights. 

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful in planning the backyard wedding of your dreams. This post was sponsored by Pearsons Florist.

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