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This Florist Believes In Flower Power and Her Bouquets Are Proof

This Florist Believes In Flower Power and Her Bouquets Are Proof Photo Credit:

Alright, so, how many times have you heard the phrase ‘the dress or the veil, makes the bride?’ Because we’ve heard it a lot. Like, a wholeeee lot. And sure, the dress and the veil have a lot of power, but we’re going to come out and say that a bride’s bouquet completes her whole bridal being. Lani Elizabeth, one of our lush floral loves happens to agree with us. So much so that you look at a picture of one of her brides, with her bouquet in hand, and you get literal chills - they’re THAT beautiful and they epitomize all of the bride’s beauty, grace, splendor, style in perfect, impeccably-designed blooms. A bride will be stunning, entrancing, and enchanted all on her own, but when she’s armed with flowers ahead of her, she is ready for the aisle. Then, and only then, is she ready to wed.

The story behind these stems.

Lani Elizabeth is a by-appointment only floral design studio in Los Gatos, CA, with a reputation for quality, ingenuity, and personalized attention. From classic English garden bouquets, to sleek modern displays, Elizabeth prides herself on being able to transform her clients’ spaces and special days into a beautiful, bold, or simply exquisite show of fresh flowers.

Each bouquet and arrangement is handcrafted by Elizabeth Adinolfi – a graduate of Santa Clara University with fine art training and a passion for floral design (it shows in SPADES). Lani Elizabeth was launched with a strong and steadfast belief that flowers, although fleeting, nourish the soul and awaken the senses unlike any other medium. The power of flowers to illuminate a room, perfume a hallway, set an opulent scene, or add luxurious romance to an affair constantly energize and inspire Elizabeth to create one-of-a-kind designs for the discerning client.

Nourish the soul and awaken the senses. Hmm, yep, we feel pretty comfortable saying that that’s how we feel about flowers and their magic.

Now about that magic and how it makes a bride.

Eh, well, we should say how she makes a bride - because the flowers have special powers, of course, but she harnesses that power when she puts together the absolute perfect bouquets for her blushing brides. Take a look at each of these photos, and imagine the components existing on their own. It’s hard, right? Because the flowers are faultless, and so are the brides, but they’re better together. Not unlike how a bride is compatible with her partner. Each makes the other better people, they’re stronger, they’re happier, they’re truly the best versions of themselves when they’re coupled with their counterpart.

Only a phenomenal flower artist can fashion a bouquet that builds on a bride’s beauty, her story, her aisle aura, and doesn’t just look pretty. And that’s exactly what Lani Elizabeth does each and every time. 

This Florist Believes In Flower Power and Her Bouquets Are Proof Photo Credit:

This bride’s wild, moody motif matches her tousled hair, her beautifully-bronzed cheeks, and her peach-kissed lips.

This Florist Believes In Flower Power and Her Bouquets Are Proof Photo Credit:

This bride’s oversized bouquet, with the pops of soft yellow, the plush peony pink, and the silver dollar eucalyptus blends effortlessly with her cascading veil and complements the 3D floral lace appliqué at her décolletage.

This Florist Believes In Flower Power and Her Bouquets Are Proof Photo Credit:

This bride’s blush, sunset-inspired bouquet, with its flourish of rainbow ribbons, just punctuates her precious appearance and porcelain complexion. So romantic, so feminine, so ethereal.

And okay, it might not mean allll that much, but I can say with full honesty that when I finally picked up my bouquet, with its antiqued amnesia roses, its calla lilies, lamb’s ear, seeded eucalyptus, and delicate spray roses, I felt like I had reached the summit of my bridehood - and the same goes for my sister. She grabbed her bouquet and it was game on.

Ready to get your own bride game on? Book the last few remaining summer and fall dates Lani Elizabeth has available. We can’t wait to see what you two come up with!


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We partnered with Lani Elizabeth to make sure every bloom-crazy bride-to-be had this amazing floral artist on her radar. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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