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Stay At Home DIYs


Oh hey there, we here at Wedding Chicks are practicing a little social distancing. You too? Well if you are anything like us, you have been in search of things to keep our hands busy at home for the next couple weeks… you know, once you’ve finished up that killer Netflix series you’ve been dying to binge, we get it gurl.

So once you are fresh out of streamable TV options and questioning what else there is to do, we have a few ideas! Keep scrolling for inspiring ideas that will help pass the time AND BONUS, brighten up your home for Spring!

Gussy Up Your Garden


That’s right, Spring is here and it is the perfect time to start planning out your garden. So whether you are an experienced gardener who would love to tighten up your gardening game, or starting off as a beginner and working out of a small space we have some great ideas that will help you plan your planting like a pro.

Things you’ll need:

Seeds | Potting Soil | Seedling Cups or Trays | Plastic Tray (check your recycling bin for plastic container lids, these work as well) | Permeant Marker | Sunny Spot Indoors OR Grow Light

When choosing your seeds, be aware of the kind of care and conditions they will need and plan accordingly. Hint: if this is your first time, you might want to stick to some of the less picky plants that stand up to lots of conditions. You can check out this Gardening For Beginners post by New Mom At 40 to get a good list of easy to grow plants.

If this isn’t your first gardening rodeo but you are still looking for some solid ways plan and track your gardening habits for future success, this Home For The Harvest article is a great source, AND they have a free downloadable garden planner that I might just be printing off as we speak.

Oh, but what if the gardening isn’t really your thing and you just want a nice space to relax this summer? Fair, I also have some very cute flower pot decoration DIY’s that I have been eyeing for this next season that I’d love to share.




Spring Cleaning & Declutter


It is definitely that time of year, so now that you have a little extra time at home why not give the ol’ homestead a thorough cleaning. We found this great article on Meraki Lane that gives you some ideas of what might need cleaning or organizing in each room. You don’t have to tackle the whole house in one go, but this is a great source to start with!

Things you’ll need:

Cleaning Supplies (if you have them) | Sponges | Bucket | Mop | Broom | Vacuum | Duster


Looking to clean house in a way that doesn’t involve the bleach or Windex you are currently out of? Declutter your space with this awesome list of items you can toss or donate from Filling The Jars. They have literally thought of everything and organized it by room as well. My little organizing heart LOVES that!

Things you’ll need:

Bags (for trash) | Boxes (for donations)

Freshen Up Your Space


So now that your home smells lemony fresh and is boarding on that oh so chic Scandinavian minimalist style we have some fun and fresh ways for you liven up your space for Spring! Speaking of Scandinavia, I’m sure you have a few well-loved Ikea items in your home that you’ve been wishing could be updated. We happen to have some very cool Ikea furniture hacks that will breathe life back into those pieces!

Things you’ll need:

Ikea furniture or something similar | A Drill | Paint | Wallpaper | A Sewing Machine | Hardware


If your interior decor is exactly the way you like it, maybe it’s time to take a look around the outdoor space you might have. Cleaning off the patio, dusting off the banister of your porch, raking up leaves and pine needle from your yard? All of this is a good start to help you start imagining your dream outdoor space for this summer. Needing some ideas? Oh, we have dream backyard plans for days! Check out these Backyard DIY’s We Would Quit Our Job For.

Things you’ll need:

A Drill | A Broom | A Rake | String Lights | Cinder Blocks | A Dream

Couch Crafts


Okay, so we’ve planned and started a garden, brightened up the pots we plan to plant flowers in this summer, cleaned the house top to bottom which includes decluttering, refreshed a few well-worn pieces of furniture, and started making a dream list of what we want our outdoor summer spaces to look like… I bet there’s something new on Netflix now. As you settle in for a new series, now is a great time to test out some easy crafts that are great for couch sitting, ie: knitting, cross-stitch, or hey even making a few friendship bracelets.

Things You’ll need:

Yarn | Embroidery Floss | Needles (knitting or sewing) | Embroidery Hoop


Whatever you decide to fill your time at home with just don’t forget to...


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