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Not Your Average Floral Preservation

Not Your Average Floral Preservation

There is so much that goes into the details of a wedding and often times price is the biggest factor. In deciding what is worth the price, something we see couples consider is the longevity of their details outside of the wedding itself. Are your favors something you have use for if there are 50 left over at the end of the night? Can you reuse any of your signage as at home decor?

Something we hear a lot is the back and forth between what to spend money on and where to save. Florals are often high up on the list of details of which have a short “shelf life” - they add so much to the atmosphere and visuals of a wedding, but don’t last much longer than that.

Floral Preservation in the Form of Forever Art

Not Your Average Floral Preservation Not Your Average Floral Preservation

Having a way to preserve your florals (without it being pressed into your wedding album only to crumble out when you go to open it 40 years down the road) is the solution we’ve been waiting for and let us tell you, Bloomist does it right. How? By offering unique floral bouquet preservation in the form of beautiful forever art. In addition to bouquet preservation, bloomist offers bespoke wedding stationery and day of signage made with mostly locally gathered wild flowers or flowers from Telnaz’s own garden.

The very idea that flowers die so quickly made Telnaz Mazidi, Designer & Artisan of Bloomist sad and is what lead her to learn about preservation techniques. Starting by pressing and preserving flowers as a way to bring nature inside panned out to be the perfect solution for brides as well.

Bloomist’s goal is to preserve the nature within your bouquet and give you a way in which to remember and admire the florals from your special day for many years!

A Modern Way To Preserve Your Bouquet 

Not Your Average Floral Preservation

Couples love her whimsicle, airy and organic aesthetics of her work, which gives couples a modern and non-traditional way to preserve flowers. The best part? All your flowers from your bouquet can be used - not just the easy to press ones!

Feel good about splurging on the bouquet of your dreams knowing you’ll get to enjoy it for more than just your big day.

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