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How to DIY a Floral Arrangement for Your Wedding

How to DIY Flower Arrangement for Wedding Photo by Alisa AntonPhoto:

I’ll be real honest RN, I have never been a huge disciple of DIY. It actually gives me anxiety to think about having to do something crafty all by myself. I’m super creative, and can conceptualize themes, curate beautiful aesthetics, and dreamscape decor till the cows come home, but when it comes to execution, that’s where I bail and leave it all to the pros. So, when it came to my 2014 fall wedding, I handpicked a killer crew of ‘I Do’ experts who I knew would bring my wedding dreams to life (I researched the s*** out of it), and passed HARD on anything remotely DIY.

Wait, no, I lied, I did my own rose gold ombre glitter table numbers, and they were gorg. But that was it.

But since then, I’ve become even more obsessed with wedding florists and stationers +calligraphers, and entranced by their work. Calligraphy is hypnotic. Can’t telllll you how many videos I’ve watched on Insta to block out Sunday scaries. And I won’t say that I haven’t watched any flower tutorials. I haven’t watched 50, but I also haven’t watched 15… my screen time is somewhere in between, don’t judge me 😁.

How to DIY Flower Arrangement for Wedding Photo by RawpixelPhoto:

To the chicks who can go to the flower market, buy blooms on a whim, scout a vessel to put them in, and then go home and arrange away, I salute you. You are total bosses, and I’m forever jealous. That means you, Jamie Wolfer. Our modern wedding wizard, coordinator (of JW Coordination), aspiring florist and DIY goddess just launched a new video on a DIY wedding centerpiece - and it’s magic. Pure magic. ✨✨✨. Watch it. Now 👇

Especially if you’re considering DIY-ing your wedding florals - you ambitious bride you - you might want to take a few of her tips to ❤️. As in:

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Give yourself enough time before the wedding (or other event) to get your flowers and other materials (like floral foam and waterproof tape). Jame’s timeline: event on Saturday, go Wednesday or Thursday. Give those 🌹some time to open up.

  3. Be mindful of your guests, and what they’ll be looking at (especially from the vantage point they have at a round table). So, cover up those holes. ALL of them.

  4. Set up a pattern, or formula, as Jamie says, to help your arranging. What you do on one side, do on the other.

  5. Don’t be afraid to edit! The best florists know when things are getting a little too extra with a bouquet, arrangement, etc. and they scale back or add more blooms/buds if it calls for it.

  6. Work in a high-impact, statement bloom, if you can. She used dahlias, be still our beating hearts.

How to DIY Flower Arrangement for Wedding Photo by Diego BoteroPhoto:

And while we’re thinking about it, that first tip - practice - why not gear up for your wedding by practicing with your engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette? If you’ll be working with similar color palettes, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to make a few centerpieces for these pre-nuptials parties and see how it works out. We’re not advising any extra stress or responsibilities - you’re the bride, you need every chance to chill - but if you’re a DIY devotee, something tells us you also like to have control over things. So, we’d be willing to bet you’d welcome the opportunity to jump into the party prep. AREWERITE?!?!!?

DIY flower photo booth backdrop anyone?

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