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Elegant Wedding Goodie Bags Favors

wedding favor bag

Do It Yourself, or DIY, wedding projects allow you to create your own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way you can imagine on your special day, for a shower, a party or whenever. All you need are some basic items and a little creativity.
These adorable, super easy Elegant Wedding Goodie Bags Favors take just minutes to make so if you get an assembly line going and a few bridesmaids you can whip these out in no time. These would be so so cute filled with warm chocolate chip cookies and a to-go beverage for guests at the end of the wedding. Treats for your sweets! See more adorable do-it-yourself wedding projects here.


1. Scallop Cards from Paper-Source $6.50 for a 20 pack of cards
2. Lunch Bags 3. 1/8 in Ribbon $9.50 for 30 yards we used chartreuse
4. Eyelet Setter $4.50
5. Eyelets in Gravel $1.45 for 50
6. 1/8" Hole Punch
7. Download the Template here**
1. Print out the Scallop Cards 2. Place Scallop Cards on the Lunch Bag
3. Punch holes through the card and bag at the same time
4. Place eyelets right side up and card right side down, use Eyelet Setter and a small hammer to set
5. Fill your goodie bags with yummy treats
6. Run 1/8 in Ribbon through the bag and card and tie Enjoy!

diy wedding favor bag

This download can be printed directly onto Scallop Cards from Paper-Source and attached to lunch paper sack (you can buy them here) as a wedding favor or a late night treat for guests. You can fill the bag with any delicious item that you please. We found a lovely recipe from our favorite food blog Cannelle et Vanille ... Yummy Chocolate Macaroons. You can find the recipe by clicking here.

**Our templates can only be opened in programs such as preview and acrobat. Our downloads cannot be opened in Photoshop or Illustrator.**

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