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DIY Yarn Chandelier

diy yarn chandelier

The new and superĀ  popular Your Cloud Parade teamed up with amazing wedding designer Lindye Galloway to put together this stylish yarn chandelier. A guaranteed conversation starter that will add a little cozy to any room. You are going to need wire and wire cutters, yarn, double stick tape, a 12 inch sewing hoop, scissors, lamp cord and of course a little bulb. We love the vintage edison bulbs for an even more nostalgic touch.

1. wrap inner hoop with tape.
2. loop yarn around inner hoop until full.
3. add in a few pieces of color to taste.
4. wrap outer hoop with the 3rd color.
5. secure center wire for lamp attachment and attach outer hoop to inner hoop
6. wrap light socket with yarn and knot lamp with cord to center wire holder.

diy chandelier

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