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DIY wedding flowers + make your own napkins


We love the idea of anything DIY, makes for great photos, lovely memories and great table conversation at the wedding. Great design does not have to cost a lot, especially if you do it yourself.
Cans with colorful graphics make unexpected, offbeat vases and can be super cheap. Plus you get something to eat out of it as well. www.flowerbud.com sells Grand Boxes which include plenty of flowers to create multiple bouquets. The above peonies are from flowerbud.com. This offbeat idea was taken from Glamour Magazine and photographed by Stuart Tyson Making your own wedding napkins might take a bit of prepping but in the end you will be so thrilled. Especially if after the wedding you have some cute napkins to remember your special day. www.purlbee.com teaches you exactly how to whip out some handmade napkins. She also has an addicting site www.purlsoho.com that has some amazing fabrics, patterns, books whatever you need. The bundle of fabric above is www.purlsoho.com If you are wondering where the absolutely adorable fabric above is from, wonder no more it is from www.warmbiscuit.com (love that name).

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