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DIY Living Table Numbers

moss covered table numbers photo by Chelsea Mitchell Photography

Did you absolutely love those French Industrial Wedding Ideas? Well guess what, we are about to show you just how to make the fabulous moss covered table numbers that we know you were drooling over. So sit back and read through these surprisingly simple steps and then get started on your own DIY living table numbers.


Floral moss wire, hot glue gun, dried flowers and/or herbs, plant stakes with wire attached, scissors, wire cutters, floral foam, floral moss, and 5 -8 inch tall vessel.


Step 1:

Print out all of your table numbers in the desired font and size you are wanting. Lauren, of Camp Makery, recommends Garamond or Baskerville.

Step 2:

Curve the edge of the moss wire back so you have a round starting point, start at the tip of the number, and use your fingers to shape the wire to follow the outline of the number, tracing around the number all the way back to where you started it.

Step 3:

When you've reached the starting point, trim it with your wire cutters leaving about 1 inch extra to wrap around the other end so its one connected piece.

outline table numbers in moss wire

Step 4:

Once you have finished outlining all of your table numbers, lay them out and start playing with adding in some trimmed herbs, flowers, and berries. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, secure them in place with hot glue.

attach flower and herbs to your numbers

Step 5:

Make sure that your flower stakes come with wire attached. Place a stake behind a straight edge of one of your numbers and wrap the wire around the number several times to attach the two and secure with hot glue. Hint: Overlap the stake and number about 3 inches so it will easily be able to hold the number up. But know, this won't work for numbers like  2, 3, 5, etc. so you will have to secure those with extra wire.

hot glue flowers to your numbers

attach the plant stakes

hot glue floral moss to floral foam and insert into vessel

Step 6:

To make your vessel that will hold these, just place the floral foam in the vessel and glue moss to cover it.  I love this way because you can make it way in advance before the wedding and not have to worry about it. However, you can also place these table numbers in normal floral arrangements, or potted herbs or plants.

completed moss covered table numbers

Design & Photography: Lauren Weems of Camp Makery

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