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DIY Lace Hoop Chimes

DIY Lace Hoop Chime @weddingchicks

These adorable lace hoop chimes are easy to put together with just a few supplies. Plus, they make an excellent DIY addition to any wedding because they're totally adorable and you can hang them anywhere for the perfect chic/boho look. Check out the tutorial below to create your own!
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DIY Lace Hoop Chime @weddingchicks


Lace, small jingle bells, embroidery hoops, glue, scissors and twine.

Step 1

Put the lace over the embroidery hoop to find the size you need then cut it out. You can always trim any excess lace later if needed.

Step 2

Separate your embroidery hoop into two pieces - you should have an inner hoop, and an outer hoop. With your outer hoop, grab your twine and tie a knot around the top of the hoop, then begin wrapping the twine around the edge of the hoop.
Here comes the tricky part, you will have to add on the bells as you continue to wrap the twine. Make sure the bells stay on the outer edge of the hoop and keep the twine tight! Once you're all the way around, tie the end of the twine into a tight knot. Adding a dab of glue on the knots will help keep them secure. Note: You can vary the spacing of the bells to your liking, the photo above shows a bell added about every 4th wrap.

Step 3

Time to add the lace! Grab your inner hoop and place it on flat surface. Take your piece of lace and lay it on top of the same hoop. Now, grab your outer hoop and lay it on top of the lace so the inner hoop slips inside the outer hoop, and the lace is in the middle. Secure the hoops together by twisting the screw on top of the outer hoop. Make sure it's tight!
If there is any excess lace coming out the side, go ahead and trim it off now.

Step 4

Tie some twine to the metal screw part of the outer hoop then cut to your desired length for hanging.

DIY Lace Hoop Chime @weddingchicks

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