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Bridal Shower Recipe Cards Template

Bridal Shower Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself, or DIY, wedding projects allow you to create your own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way you can imagine on your special day, for a shower, a party or whenever. All you need are some basic items and a little creativity.
This Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Recipe Cards Template can build up a little repertoire of yummy recipes at your bridal shower or in your kitchen.
1. Paper Cutter $49.99 2. 8.5 x 11 Cover Stock from $3.75 3. Dots Medium Box $6.50 4. XYRON Sticker Making Machine $10.99

diy bridalshower recipe cards

1. Print out the recipe card templates here. They are printed on front and back so be sure to make a test print on regular paper so you don't waste your card stock.
a. Trim 3/4 of an inch from the top and bottom.
b. Trim 1/4 of an inch from the left and right.
c. Now cut in half both ways. You will be left with 4 recipe cards that are 4 inches wide and 4.75 inches tall.

cute recipe cards

2. Cut 6 more blank cards at 4 inches wide and 4.75 inches tall to use for the dividing tabs.

diy bridal recipe cards

3. Print out the tabs file which is called tabs.jpg a. Trim the width to your liking and trim the height so your words are on the bottom half of the card stock and you are left with a 1 inch tall tab.
b. Place your tab face up in the XYRON and pull the adhesive roll from the bottom and tear.
c. Smooth the adhesive with your fingers and remove the top portion, then the white backing.
d. Place the adhesive onto your 4 x 4.75 card and fold it in half on itself making sure it's attached to the blank card. The tab should be attached to the short side of the card.

diy recipe cards

4. Place your tabs and your recipe cards in the box and viola! Your own recipe box to fill with your favorite recipes!

diy bridal shower ideas

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