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3 Ways to DIY Your Wedding Reception for Less

DIY Wedding Reception Details Seating Chart Photo Credit:

Happy Friday, everyone!! You know all of those wedding planners, event designers, and florists who you stalk like crazy and double tap all the rad reception pics they post? Because I honestly can’t believe that I’m the only one at home scrolling and becoming 😍😍😍 when I see an amazing escort card setup or stunning seating chart. We ALL love them. But at the end of the day, as much as we say we could never do it ourselves, guess what - these professionals all did! Sure, they might have decades more experience than we do, but with some step-by-step instructions, the same resources the pros go to to pull of their pretty, and a little teamwork [it makes the dream work ✨, after all], we can DIY, too. We partnered with FiftyFlowers.com to put together three incredible reception looks - an escort card table, seating chart, and centerpiece - and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t already try to recreate the centerpiece at home…

If your wedding vibe is rustic, mixed with homespun elegance, then you’ll pretty much die over these details. Scroll on down for a full list of supplies and instructions to make the magic happen. And if you’re feeling especially inspired, post your pics with our tags 👉 #fiftyflowers #weddingchicks, we live for this and can’t wait to see your work!

Damn good-looking DIY reception details

DIY Reception Details with Baby's Breath

Of course, the best part of it all is the flowers! FiftyFlowers.com has pioneered the way for wholesale bulk flowers to be shipped from the Farm to the Door, so it’s a phenomenal fresh and direct alternative to fresh cut flowers sold at pricey floral markets. The selection they have is incredible and we used neutrals - white baby’s breath and greenery, but for more advanced DIY-ers, you can find blooms that’ll match your entire wedding color palette.

Project 1 - Escort Card Display

DIY Reception Details Escort Card Display


New Love Baby's Breath From Fifty Flowers

*Pro Tip: FiftyFlowers has a few different baby's breath options, but the New Love has a slightly fluffier, bigger bloom, filler feel which looks best for weddings.

Seeded Eucalyptus and Variegated Pittosporum Fresh Garland (10 ft of the 20 ft)

The best thing everrrr!! This garland already comes assembled, so all you have to do is drape it over whatever you’re looking to decorate. The rustic table we were decking out had a ton of charm itself, but the garland just gave it a little more life and festive feel.

Wine Box

A custom wine box is a wonderful thing to add to your registry, if you’re still working on it RN. You can ask for something like this and then use it at your wedding (the guest who gave it to you will be thrilled to see it used on THE occasion). 

*Pro Tip: If you don’t have a custom wine box at your disposal, ask around at your local wine shop or vineyard; they often have plenty of extras on hand and would be happy to let you take them of their hands (at no extra cost to you). 

Escort Cards

We used one of our own FREE designs. The botanical print and the baby’s breath just worked SO well together!

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Table

*Pro Tip: Venues typically have a ton of options as far as furniture goes. Still Water Hollow (the venue we shot at) provides all different types of banquet tables, chairs and even some really awesome vintage finds - all built into their amenities. Be sure to make the most of your venue and ask what they have available for your use.

Votives + Candles

What doesn’t Michael’s have? The have a great wedding section with votives and candles, but if you wander over to their candle and vase aisle, you’ll find pretty much the same ones for a fraction of the cost. *Pro Tip: They always have awesome deals! If you sign up for their emails, they’ll send you coupons and as a rewards member, you’ll get an event bigger discount!

How to create the display

Print out escort cards and fold in half so they are able to stand on their own.

DIY Botanical Escort Cards

Fill the wine box with some shredded paper about half way and then start filling with the baby's breath.

Place escort cards gently on top of the baby's breath. 

DIY Wedding Reception Details Place Cards on Baby's Breath

Style your table with garland, votives, candles and then place your wine box on the table.

DIY Wedding Reception Details Escort Card Display Styled

Project 2 - Seating Chart

DIY Wedding Reception Seating Chart


We stopped by an estate sale and picked up this easel for $2, literally. There was a lot of rogue paint splatter on it, so we gave it a fresh coat of gold spray paint, which can run you about 5 or 6 bucks.

Again, we used one of our own FREE designs - pulled from the same suite as the escort cards.

*Pro tip: We then had it printed through Zazzle. Thankfully, we had a 50% off coupon (but they have great sales happening throughout the year, so keep your eye out for the promos, and then plan out your print accordingly!)

Once everything was printed, we then used an adhesive spray glue to mount the chart onto a sturdier 18X24 size canvas and give it a little weight and structure.

How to create the seating chart setup

Get easel and spray paint for a fresh look. 

DIY Wedding Reception Details Gold Easel and Garland

Print your free printable (we used an 18x24 template).

Spray adhesive glue on canvas and gently lay your seating chart. Smooth until it’s flush against the canvas and let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

DIY Wedding Reception Details Spray Glue Adhesive for Seating Chart DIY Wedding Reception Details Smoothing Seating Chart onto Canvas Mount

Place seating chart on easel and drape your garland (we actually had some extra baby’s breath from the escort card table, so we wove it into the garland to give it a little extra finesse and dimension).

*Pro Tip: We also used some duct tape in the back to keep the garland in place in the event any wind came through.

DIY Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Project 3 - Centerpiece

DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece


Yep, all FREE in our botanical invite suite, displayed in a $5 gold frame from Michael’s

  • Linen

Remember that estate sale we talked about? Well, at the same place we scored that easel, we found some amazing linens too! These can be super pricey, but we found a gorgeous blush one for just $4. 🙌

  • Clear Pebbles

Gotta love the dollar store for gems like these! For each vase, we used one full bag of pebbles.

  • Distilled Water

*Pro Tip: Distilled water is perfect to use when you want to create a floating effect. No bubbles, no fogginess, crystal clear!

How to create the suspended flower centerpiece

Steam your linen (yes, you have to steam, it makes all the difference in the way your cloth drapes over the table)

Place your baby's breath in vase (we tried to fit in as much as the vase could handle so that the end result was full looking)

DIY wedding reception centerpieces baby's breath

Pour your clear pebbles in around the baby’s breath - really make sure the bottom stems of your breath are secured by the pebbles so that they stay put when you pour the water.

Pour in the distilled water (do it slowly to ensure your pebbles and baby’s breath stay in place)

DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Clear Pebbles for Weight DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Pouring in Water to Float Flowers

Top with floating candles

Style the table with table number and more votives/candles for a mixed media look.

DIY Wedding Reception Details Floating Candle DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Lighting Candles

DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Candles and Flowers

What it all cost

Keep in mind, our budget breakdown and supply list is pretty exhaustive. If you’re only doing one or two of the projects, you could very well cross some items off your list. Then again, hurricane vases, a blush table linen, and an easel are great to have on hand for a 🌧️ day.

  • Baby's Breath: $120 for 10 bundles
  • Garland: $230 for 20 ft
  • Wine Box: Free
  • Escort Cards: Free
  • Reclaimed wood table with paneless window frames: Free
  • Votives & Candles: $25
  • Easel: $7
  • Seating Chart: $50
  • Hurricane Vases: $25
  • Table Number: $5
  • Blush Table Linen: $4
  • Clear Pebbles: $3
  • Distilled Water: 60 cents

TOTAL: $469.60 to DIY your wedding reception!

Get to know FiftyFlowers.com for all your DIY-ing! We’ve become fast friends!!


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