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Menu Trends


Lorraine Keseloff, The Wedding Fairy, was raised in a restaurant/pub in England, is a contributing food writer for Culinary Trends Magazine, and was a former Wedding Sales Manager for one of OC's top wedding caterers.
Say after me no more rubber chicken!! Yay! Now we can move forward! Food trends for weddings in 2008 and for the foreseeable future hopefully, are becoming much more fun and interesting. Gone are the days of picking from buffet or sit down package 1 or
2 with limited items, which can turn a super chic wedding into something really blah!
Couples today are foodies; more sophisticated and well traveled who want to be able to customize their menus to reflect their tastes. Many caterers today allow you to customize your menu, some will make a family favorite dish, or use Organic produce.
Most caterers are happy to accommodate your wants and needs!


I am from London where the menu is probably one of the most important elements in the wedding. Over the pond it's called the wedding breakfast regardless of the time of day!
(It is believed that the bride and groom used to fast prior to their wedding so the wedding was when they would break their fast, and also that breakfast is the first meal of the day and the wedding dinner is their first meal as husband and wife - Yes we are a little strange! It usually consists of at least 4 courses, followed later in the evening by snacks and sweets I love it! In the States it seems like once the cake is cut, that's it for the food.
The trend in late 2007 was offering late night snacks to guests! Think mini burgers &
fries, milk shake shots, or cookies and milk! These tasty late night treats are becoming more and more popular! I had a glorious bride recently, who had The Fry Girl, come after dinner and make fresh donuts for her guests. Well, I have to tell you, I have never seen such happy guests! The Fry Girl makes the mini donuts from scratch as the guests watch, drops them in personalized favor bags, then guests can sprinkle some yummy toppings on their delicious donut! I have a bride and groom for an upcoming wedding serving gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries as the entre, oh joy!! The point is have fun with the entre and let your guests know that you are thinking of them after dinner has finished, even if it's just something small, and don't be afraid to do something different, your creative side shows through all over the place in your wedding, don't forget the food, your guests will thank you!
You will find The Wedding Fairy and The Fry Girl in the Wedding Chicks Directory!
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