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How To Set Up a Glamorous Wintry Dessert Table

 Glamorous Wintry Dessert Table

When we reflect on the best winter parties we've been to they've each had a fabulous dessert table. While it may seem difficult to put together a dessert table, it really is quite easy.

With the help of Elleffe Designs we are here to show you how simple it is to put together a glamorous dessert with only a few supplies. Read on to see how you can create something as glamorous as this for your next winter festivities. 


 Glamorous Wintry Dessert Table

supplies for a glam dessert table

Below are the supplies we used to create this  glamorous dessert table. 

Tiered Serving Stand (cake stand)

Pillar Candles and Shorter Pillar Candles

Mini Dessert Cups and Small Spoons For Panna Cotta

Table Cloth

Champagne Container




Dessert Plates


choosing the perfect table cloth

When designing your glamorous dessert table, you'll want to make sure that your table cloth drapes the floor and you cannot see any of the table. It really does give it that extra, "WOW," look. 

The first step is to measure the length and width of your table with a measuring tape. The table we were working with was 80 X 30.

To start, add twice the desired drop to both the length and the width of the table.  For instance we wanted our table cloth to drape the floor, so we purchased a 90 X 156 table cloth and it gave us the above effect.

How to order a tablecloth

desSert table designing tips


Dessert Table Ideas Sparkly Marshmallows

Flour Child shares her tips and tricks when creating a glamorous wintry dessert table.

Creating some form of symmetry is really important to make your dessert table visually appealing. When planning your table select vessels or trays that compliment each other. Choose items that have different heights and shapes.

We strongly suggest creating a focal point on you table like a cake. In fact having a cake as your focal point for a dessert table is pretty much a necessity. Not only does it give you height, but its decor can bring everything together.

Last but not least, since it is a dessert table having a variety of yummy treats is definitely a must. If you are going with a glamorous  dessert table, elegance is everything. Choose things that look decadent and expensive even if they are not. For instance, you can take something simple and inexpensive like marshmallows and roll them in something shimmery and it gives you a whole new look without costing a lot. Great tips ... right?

Candlight Table

creating ambience

Candles are everything when creating a romantic ambience. We love the effect of using a tall candle holder like these from Elleffe Design. They create a dramatic backdrop for the dessert table. 

One tips we want to share, is be sure that they are away from the desserts and your sheepskins when designing your table. We don't want any accidents happening!  In retrospect we wish we had something under our candles, as the night went on the wax dripped all over our fancy sparkly table cloth.

Make a Wish Cake Topper

Wintry Dessert Table Panna Cotta Recipe

Panna Cotta Recipe

panna cotta recipe

To make your life a little easier enlist your favorite dessert artist to help you design your dessert table. However  if you are an avid baker we have the easiest Panna Cotta Recipe for you below.

3 oz Milk
3 oz Heavy Cream
1.25 oz Sugar
1 full sheet Gelatin
Vanilla Bean paste to Taste


Heat milk, heavy cream, and vanilla bean together in sauce pan until sugar is dissolved. Add in bloomed gelatin and stir. Pour into jar or dish and refrigerate for 1 hour or until fully set.

silver black berries
Take a brush and paint your blackberries with metallic food paint. Typically it takes 2 coats to get an even metallic finish. Don't worry it doesn't affect the taste of the barries. It just looks super pretty.

Peppermint Macarons

tips on serving Macraons

A dessert table is not a dessert table these days without Macarons. However, Macarons are not like other cookies. They do not have a  long shelf life and can only last about 3-4 days. So, you can freeze or fridge before your party. If you are planning to have lots of cookies, possibly pick up dessert boxes for guest to take them home as an after party treat.

Our dessert table had Vanilla Cream Macarons and Black Mint Macarons. They were delicious.

Peppermint Macarons Peppermint Macarons

Vanilla and Sparkly  Macarons

champagne toast

To the side of our glamorous table we set up a champagne bar! We had  bubbly on ice in a champagne bucket in case our guests wanted refills.

We passed around glasses of champagne  on our Ellleffe Platter with midnight confetti engagement ring sticks on them. 

Champagne on a glamorous wedding tray

Champagne Bar Champagne Bar

Champagne Holder

How glam is this Champagne Container? A definite must have for any dazzling party!

Champagne Bar

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