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How to Come Full Circle With Your Crew Right Before You Say I Do

How to Come Full Circle With Your Crew Right Before You Say I Do

It’s wedding season, guys, and there’s nothing like it, truly. Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, yeah, that’s us from May through October (and then engagement season follows, so we have lots of love to carry us through the year). Of course, there’s so much about a couple’s soon-to-be-married status that gets us excited, but would we be wrong in saying that one of the high points of their happily ever after are the ample opportunities to share a drink and celebrate in their honor? In any case, we tapped the country’s largest independent retailer of fine wine - Total Wine & More - to see what they had to say about wedding season and how to make things bubble over with the best vibes. The brand thought it would be fun to toast the tribe - after all, they've sat through endless dress fittings, pitched in for wedding showers, and whisked you away on bachelor and bachelorette celebrations. They’ve certainly earned some liquid love of their own!

Asking the crew to be a party to your I Dos.

You have probably already gone out for festive 'he/she just put a ring on it, come celebrate with me' drinks with your best friends or have even had them attend your engagement party, but when you want to ask them one of the biggest questions ever (will you do this wedding thing with me?), it should come with a certain amount of friendly fanfare. 

We have always loved the idea of planning out a special party for the bridal party - pre-all things wedding - so that you can pay tribute to the guys and girls who might have gone on plenty of double dates with you while you were looking for "the one," played matchmaker for the two of you, or just supported your relationship as much as possible over the years. You can really do it up for your friends and family members who mean so much to the both of you. With Total Wine & More's help, that is… 

How to Come Full Circle With Your Crew Right Before You Say I Do

You know those adorable little “will you be my...” gift boxes. Yes. Start there.
  • Going to Total Wine & More for these surprise and delight boxes is basically like meeting with your own cocktail chef or wine sommelier. You will get something that you KNOW will blow them away, tickle their taste buds, and look so thoughtful. 

  • Not only can they make incredible recommendations for what to stock in your premium wedding bar or what to gift your in-laws with when you’re getting to know them over the course of your engagement, they’re also extremely keyed into the cocktail cues of your crew.

  • I just spent an hour looking over their gift suggestions for the group, and if you have a Scotch-savvy entourage of gentlemen or besties who consistently see the world through rosé glasses, then you’ll get so many awesome, inspired ideas for presents and potables.

Oh! And not to forget, the brand has the cutest offering of minis. So, you won’t have to worry about your friends' favorite sips not fitting in those boxes you curate. From whisky to wine, Crown Royal to Spumante Rosato, these pretty bottles will make such an impression. They will, we promise!

How to Come Full Circle With Your Crew Right Before You Say I Do

And having things come full circle (right before you exchange those rings).

By the morning of your wedding, everyone from you and your spouse-to-be to your squad will be ready to cheers on your behalf. But before all that happens, we think that raising a glass to your bridal party is a first priority - and so does Total Wine & More!

Why not bring back some of the same 'spirits' that were present when you asked them to be official bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you included cigars and candy as complements to the alcohol, then ask your venue coordinators if you can assemble a cigar bar in the groom’s suite and a candy bar in the bride’s suite. Just to bring those original boxes to life a bit more!

Total Wine & More also encourages couples to consider adding signature bridal party drinks to the bar menu, just to show an even bigger token of your appreciation. After all, there are usually always drinks themed for the Mr. & Mrs., but what about the people who joined them on their road to the altar? Whether it’s just a Maid of Honor or Best Man drink or something even more clever and creative, you can get ALL the cocktail ideas from Total Wine & More. Or even schedule a consultation with a nearby store to get some tipple tips from the pros themselves. Meet with one of their team experts who is ready and willing to help you navigate through their selection of more than 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirts, and 2,500 beers. With their assistance, you’re bound to find the perfect bottles for your bridal party (and the rest of the guest list, too!).

How to Come Full Circle With Your Crew Right Before You Say I Do

How to Come Full Circle With Your Crew Right Before You Say I Do


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We partnered with Total Wine & More to give couples a few ideas on how to ask their best friends and family to be part of their "I Dos." As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors! **Note, where allowable by law, for customers 21 and over. 

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