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15 Gourmet Popsicles Flavors We Are Craving This Summer


I don’t know about any of you, but as a kid, I used to eat a ton of popsicles… oh, who am I kidding I still eat popsicles whenever I can these days. Although I will say my tastes have matured over the years so that that neon blue raspberry flavor (why is the raspberry the blue flavor???) just isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

In steps Pinterest and their massive supply of strange and wonderful recipes. I took a tumble through a plethora of unique popsicle flavors and collected these fifteen tastebud tingling ideas that are going on my must-try list this summer.


Strawberry Lemonade popsicle

Strawberries | Lemonade | Water | Granulated Sugar

Full recipe on Yellow Bliss Road


Cookies & Coconut Cream popsicle

Coconut Milk | Oreos | Vanilla Extract

Find recipe on The View From Great Island


Coffee popsicle

Coffee | Silk's Toasted Coconut & Cashew Nutchello | Cashews | Maple Syrup | Vanilla Syrup | Sea Salt | Expresso Beans | Caco Nibs

Find recipe on With Food And Love


Coconut Lime popsicle

Coconut Milk | Milk | Lime Juice | Lime Zest | Unsweetened Shredded Coconut 

Find recipe on The Charming Detroiter


Watermelon Kiwi popsicle

Seedless Watermelon | Kiwi | Sugar

Find recipe on The Pretty Bee


Honey Chamomile popsicle

Water | Raw Honey | Chamomile Tea

Find recipe on Vanilla and Bean


Cucumber Mint popsicle

Water | Sugar | Fresh Mint | Mint Simple Syrup | Unsweetened Green Tea | Fresh Lime | Cucumbers

Find recipe on Cake Over Steak


Orange Rosemary popsicle

Sugar | Water | Rosemary | Orange Juice | Simple Syrup | Lemon Juice | Salt | Zest of Orange

Find recipe on Dishes From My Kitchen


Rootbeer Float popsicle

Heavy Cream | Whole Milk | Egg Yolks | Sugar | Vanilla | Salt | Flat Rootbeer

Find recipe on Lark & Linen


Sweet Peach Ice Tea popsicle

Peach | Sweet Tea

Find recipe on Paper N Stich


Coconut Vanilla Cream popsicle

Silk Coconut Milk | Coconut Flakes | Vanilla Paste | Sugar

Find recipe on Will Cook For Smiles


Mango Kiwi Lemonade popsicle

Mangos | Lemonade | Kiwis

Find recipe on A Cookie Named Desire


Coconut Peach Turmeric popsicle

Coconut Milk | Frozen Peaches | Turmeric | Ginger | Agave Syrup

Find recipe on Jar Of Lemons


Roasted Blueberry and Match Cream popsicle

Blueberries | Local Honey | Coconut Milk | Avacado | Sea Salk | Matcha

Find recipe on With Food And Love 


Champagne St Germain & Edible Flowers popsicle

Water | Sugar | Champagne | St. Germain | Edible Flowers

Find recipe on Cooking With Janica.

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