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This New Year’s Resolution for 2021 Brides Doesn’t Involve Dieting

We definitely don’t want to generalize, because maybe it’s justttt been us, but the last 9 months of crazy have contributed to a lot of snacking (both warranted and unwarranted), less working out than we would have liked (because when tasked with the choice between Schitt’s Creek or spinning, we’ve chosen Schitt’s Creek overwhelmingly more times and #welovedthatjourneyforus, at the moment), and staying up late+sleeping in on repeat. It’s hard to power through an unrelenting pandemic without some crutches tbh, but as we await 2021’s arrival, we’ve been considering New Year’s resolutions even more seriously - and we’re ready. We’re ready to commit! So, brides-to-be, if you’ve picked up some not-so-great habits as you’ve been planning your wedding from home, then let’s do this together… with Fastful, the new way to fast.

Trusting our instincts and figuring out what’s right for US

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to prioritize ourselves more and find things that work for our lives, specifically. More than ever before, weddings don’t have a ‘standard’ that they have to meet, the occasion can be whatever the couple wants for their special day - without any judgment or unsolicited advice. This also means that brides don’t have to welcome 2021 (a year we’ve all been waiting for since March) with a crazy set of expectations to live up to: how much weight they need to shed before the wedding, how flawless their faces need to be to have a ‘perfect’ wedding day complexion, how thoughtful they should be about every single solitary wedding decision. They just need to be happy and content with how it all lands for them and how quickly or slowly they get there.

About that diet? Or those high hopes that by the wedding, I’ll fit into my dress without bumps, I won’t need to make any dramatic alterations, I won’t need to cut out all of the [food] loves of my life to banish any potential for bloat on the big day. Let the pressures get wiped out like the pandemic hopefully will be soon, because there’s a better way to do it and it doesn’t involve shame or painful deprivation. 

This New Year’s Resolution for 2021 Brides Doesn’t Involve Dieting

This New Year’s Resolution for 2021 Brides Doesn’t Involve Dieting

Intermittent fasting that isn’t set up to fail

You’ve heard the buzz words before, but this is what it means. Intermittent fasting is a healthy, sustainable way to stay smart about what you’re putting into your body and make sure what’s going in is doing the most for your energy levels, your happiness, and your overall health. Fastful was actually imagined and brought to market by a team that included a recent bride who struggled with an autoimmune disorder brought on by an impossible wedding diet. She felt tremendous pressure and disappointment in the lead up to her wedding, so she and the rest of the crew made the ballsy big-picture decision to change the script for good.

Fastful pre-fasting nutrition bars are packed with superfoods and micellar casein-charged slow-release protein, along with a perfect blend of satisfying fiber and healthy fats. These innovative bars work by optimizing your macronutrients, thus keeping you fuller, longer. They can be enjoyed following a meal and right before you begin your fast, which should be easier and a lot more attainable in greater stretches. And there’s no ‘right’ way to start either: whether you're anticipating your fast with a healthy, low-calorie salmon dinner or indulging in your favorite pizza (which is called for sometimes when you’re wedding planning or doing anything particularly toilsome, like preserving your sanity while the world wages on through a pandemic), Fastful bars will ensure that your macronutrients are doing what they need to do so you’re never left feeling hangry.

Unlike a diet, which pretty much prescribes neglect and withdrawal, Fastful helps you get pumped and feel supported as you go into your fast. And it leaves you with a good taste in your mouth, too, which is more than we can say about other modes of ‘getting ready for the wedding.’ There are numerous benefits of intermittent fasting, including increased energy, improved cardiovascular function, and much more. And if you’re interested in starting, consult your physician first and then work up to your tailored comfort level. Like we said earlier, this year we learned to fine-tune our routines to meet our individual and personal lifestyles; we can find a system that works for us and if that means starting with smaller fasting periods and then gradually extending them, then by all means, we’ll do it.

All bars are Non-GMO, gluten free, no soy, no sugar added, egg free, vegetarian, and they’re offered in Chocolate Brownie, Blueberry Muffin, and Chocolate Peanut Butter… Which is great, because if you’re a bride who doesn’t like brownies, we can’t be friends 😉.

A little something to help you stick to that resolution

Receive 15 percent off your first purchase with the promo code “WEDDINGCHICKS” at checkout. Try the new way to fast! 

We partnered with Fastful to share a delicious way for brides to kick off their #2021bridegoals. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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