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Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club

Preparing meals from scratch is time consuming, let alone the planning, shopping and prepping. Week in and week out, often for conflicting diets or tastes. With everything else vying for your attention throughout the day, it's no wonder so many of us resort to take-out or packaged meals by the time dinner rolls around. Home cooked and wholesome be damned, you're tired.

eating well shouldn’t be difficult

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club was founded on the belief that eating well shouldn’t be difficult. SKCC provides a streamlined plan for busy people so they can put tasty, real food in their bodies and on their tables  

shortcuts and practices for cooking efficiently

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club

Over the years, through the journey of publishing Sprouted Kitchen, writing cookbooks, teaching classes, contributing to magazines, and talking friends through weeknight dinner hangups, Sara Forte developed shortcuts and practices for cooking efficiently and well for her own family.

With that in mind, she set out to create Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club, a program that will assist in getting people to the table with tasty, healthy-ish food in a simple and sustainable way.

How it works


1. Sign in to access your weekly meal plan. 

2. Review and personalize your interactive grocery list so you get everything you need for the week while only shopping once. 

3. Follow the recipes and learn from the weekly tips on how to prep ahead, modify for your diet, your kids tastes, and repurpose leftovers.

Each Friday, Cooking Club members will have access to a weekly shopping list and recipes for three meals and one treat or snack. Each recipe includes supplementary information including dietary swaps, how to prep-ahead, what to do with leftovers, how to make your meals more kid-friendly and more. The interactive grocery list is designed so you can take stock of what you have, shop once, and have everything you need for the week. The recipes are healthy-ish, beautiful, and written in a way for the beginner cook to learn as they follow along with the program. 

When you sign up, your first week of Cooking Club is risk-free, after which a membership is $6.99 per month. For about $1.75 per week, you can have a streamline plan for getting a home made dinners to the table.

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club

Stop spending unnecessary time on shopping and preparing meals, wasting money on unused groceries, and feeling frustrated, unable or ill-equipped to put wholesome, tasty food on your table. Let SKCC help you learn and use the tools to create tasty, health-focused meals, and streamline the whole process from planning to clean up, so you can eat better, tastier, healthier, and become a competent home cook, simply.

Sara Forte is the cookbook author of James Beard nominated Sprouted Kitchen and Sprouted Kitchen : Bowl + Spoon. She has been featured in Oprah, Better Homes and Gardens, Food and Wine, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Living, Sunset, InStyle, among others. She is a mom to Curran (4) and Cleo (2) and continues to work as a personal chef, and in recipe development for both her personal projects and on a freelance basis.

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