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Okay, Luke Bryan, You’re Officially The Cutest Husband Ever

Luke Bryan Shares Sweet Message for 11th Anniversary Photo:

Alright. I’m one of the biggest stalkers there is, when it comes to following celebs on Insta and loving on all their cute ‘they’re just like us’ moments. And celebrity anniversaries def qualify as some of those. Remember Allison Williams and her Funfetti flashback?

Well, I have to say, I just about melted when I saw Luke Bryan get all mushy and gushy on his 11th anniversary this weekend. ((Don’t you love it when guys get that way??)). In the craziness of his new What Makes You Country album release, Luke still took time to ensure his other milestone wasn’t unsung. Even though the album dropped on the same day (December 8th), his anniversary didn’t fall on deaf ears. And his wife, Caroline, obvi appreciated her man’s message.

If you don’t follow LB, you should probably start now. But ICYMI, make sure you check it out ☝️.

Basically, Luke made a 15-second Flipagram short with photos that perfectly sum up his 10+ year marriage to his blonde bombshell wife. With a loop of “Happy Anniversary” by Little River Band in the background, snapshots of the two cycle through - and they’re so adorable. From captures of the pair in Halloween costumes, to super sweet shots of them locking lips and/or being silly (you know, all the things happy couples do), the photos just epitomize how freakin cute this power couple is.

Luke was the first one to commemorate the oh-so-important occasion on social media, but his lady regrammed the married-for-eleven-years magic on her page soon after. She captioned hers with a similarly short and sweet shout out back, “Happy 11th Anniversary! Love you, love you, love you.” Three times means you mean it.

Luke and Caroline give everyone out there celebrating 10+ years of marriage some serious #goals. With two boys at home and some insanely busy schedules to keep on track, they seem to keep it 100 all the time. He worships the ground she walks on, and she can barely keep her hands off her “hunk of burning love.”

Also. This. The couple that eats popcorn in public together, stays together. ❤️

Luke Bryan Shares Sweet 11th Anniversary Message Photo:

And now that we’ve put you in a total country mood… It’s a great time to consider some Nashville sound for your own first dance.

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