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Kaley Cuoco Made Us All Want an All-Pink Bachelorette

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So who else ever has dreams that they’re besties with a celeb?!?!! I legit dreamed I was BFF status with Bachelorette Becca the other night, and when I woke up the next morning and realized it wasn’t real, I was SO. BUMMED. Well, Kaley Cuoco’s bachelorette bash happened over the weekend, and it looked like the actual best. time. ever. So, now I’m feeling the same twinge of FOMO that I felt when I remembered I wasn’t part of Becca’s tribe IRL. Kaley, your pink-on pink-on-pink bachelorette party makes all of our inner girlyness extraaaaa giddy today. And we’re feeling like bachelorettes should pretty much always be pink, following the magic that happened with this perfect palette at your party!

Here’s what we know about the epic event thus far, and we hope more deets emerge in the next few days / weeks / months (we liveee for tasty bach tidbits, especially when they lay dormant for awhile). Oh and P.S. just ICYMI, Kaley is getting married to professional equestrian Karl Cook… hence, the K2Squared reference! 

Kaley Cuoco Bachelorette Party Photo Credit:

It was an all-pink paradise.

Kale’s sister Briana, posted a couple pics nodding to the fierce-femme shade of the fiesta on Instagram, and once the festivities were over, Kaley posted a pic of ALL the pink balloons that covered the bar’s ceiling, adding “The most magical night ever 💕 thank you to my amazing friends and family for celebrating my future as Mrs. Cook! I have never felt more loved 💕” Complete with pink hearts, of course.

Kaley Cuoco Bachelorette Party Photo Credit:

Guests were told to wear pink.

According to several sources, Kaley told her guests to dress in pink, while she stood out in a ¾ sleeve white mini dress (WHICH WAS SOOOO CUTE, kind of works for an engagement party outfit, too, right?!). Her sister’s fringy, hot pink star dress was gorgeous, and her mama’s Barbie-pink blazer was everything we could ever wish our moms would wear to our bachelorettes.

Kaley Cuoco Bachelorette Party
Photo Credit:

The pink details were so on-point.

One of the last snaps that Kaley shared on Insta last night, showcased a decked-out bar top with pink, coral, peach and gold decor, drama balloons, bright blooms and greenery, unidentified, but probably pink-colored sweet treat confections, and multi-hued tissue garlands that were basic AF, but amazing in all the right ways. Obvi we’re huge fans of pink wedding inspiration.

The playlist #werked.

Apparently, the dance floor was lit - in way more ways than one. Brad Goreski, A-list stylist and one of K’s favorite people in the world, posted a video of the two of them tearing it up to B. Spears. And the rest of the baller bachelorette playlist was stacked with other female anthems by Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Kelis, etc. Basically, it was the most ah-maze GNO that ever was. 

Kaley Cuoco Bachelorette Party Photo Credit:

Yes, a pink bash isn’t exactly brand-new material, but why mess with perfection? We know exactly what you need to throw your own ‘all pink everything paradise’ type of bachelorette party - so, here goes! 📌

Kaley Cuoco Bachelorette Party Photo Credit:

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