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Two Best Friends Threw a 40th Birthday Party in Ibiza

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Alice and Karla are best friends who decided to bring their families and friends to Ibiza to celebrate their joint 40th birthday party in one of the luxury villas of the white isle. The idea was to serve the best local food and drinks, dance, and incorporate spiritual elements that are important to both women.

For Karla and Alice, it was very important to mix luxury and good service with spirituality and feminine energy, which was inspiration for the day from start to finish. Keep reading to hear about this incredible day directly from the planners of Serafina Wedding & Events, and click here to see the full gallery of photos by photographer Masha Kart!

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A Minimalist Theme Can Be Chic and Customized

"The inspiration for this elegant event was a chic and minimalist vibe with added crystal decor to bring positive energy to the party. From the stylish candles and effortless table decor to the carefully selected pieces from the Crystal Mountain, this glamorous celebration combined their love for spirituality and healing with luxurious details and sophisticated design."

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Starting the Day with Purpose and Good Energy

"The morning started with the ladies taking part in a women's circle in the Crystal Mountains. Here they were able to create a sacred bond, as well as connect with nature and healing through the power of crystals. Alice and Karla brought their like-minded friends to this sacred setting, sharing their support, love, and healing through the crystals during their 3-hour women's circle. It was the perfect start to the day where they could feel a sense of grounding and bonding before the celebrations ahead of them."

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How to Set the Tone From Moment One

"As every guest entered the luxury private villa where the birthday event would take place, they were welcomed by a spiritual healer who used copal (a Mexican incense) to cleanse the energy of each guest before entering. The soothing scent and mindfulness experienced at the doorway were then carried throughout the entire party."

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The Best Events Make the Guests Feel Special, Too!

"Everyone who attended the party had the opportunity to take part in fun experiences such as getting their fortune read by a spiritual tarot card reader or getting their makeup done by a talented makeup artist! Looking after the body and soul was at the heart of this party." Alice and Karla had their makeup done by artist, Ana Perez. "Once all the guests were looking and feeling radiant, the magical evening began, with drinks flowing from the Champagne and Tequila bar."

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Clean Food, Clean Mind

"Nothing tastes better than locally grown and prepared food, and the perfect suppliers created this gourmet meal for the women and their guests. Working closely with Alice and Karla, we hand-picked the best produce and caterers so their guests could experience luxury outdoor dining at its finest." Catering was provided by La Grande Bouffe, while the impeccable bar service was courtesy of Ibiza Drinks Experience.

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Flowers Can Be Minimal with Maximum Impact

"The women chose to stay true to their passion and incorporate their unique style through the help of their dear friend and florist Ruby from Mary Lennox. Her aesthetic floral arrangements included local flowers and citrus fruit which added colour, elegance and personality to the event through her beautifully curated event design."

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At the End of the Day, Family and Friends Make It Special

"A celebration is nothing without your closest loved ones, and Alice and Karla brought them all along! From their 5 children, immediate family and lifelong connections from around the globe, they really enjoyed being present with their guests and enjoyed every minute of being in their company." Combining all of these incredible elements truly brought to life an event that captured their personalities, honored their friends and families, and celebrated their years of friendship.

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