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How To Upgrade Your Master Suite Bathroom!

Dream Master bath idea

So you just tied the knot, (Congratulations!) and you have moved into your first home together. If it is anything like my first home it could you a few upgrades, unless of course aqua and ivory faux marble shower wraps and shag carpets are where it’s at for you. One of the places that seem to age a house the most is the master bathroom. Brass edged shower doors and toilets that are any color that isn’t white will have you flashing back to a bygone era every time you step foot into your bathroom.

So what might it take to give your space a fresh and clean update? Well, you are in luck because I have priced out the items you would need to recreate this gorgeous double vanity that is sure to get you well on your way to a much more relaxing space. Not only is the color palette clean and simple, it is also a classic style that is sure to withstand the test of time a bit better than that 80’s splatter paint wallpaper that is pealing around the edges. Oh and if you want to see more of this stunning and chic master bath I highly recommend checking out Studio McGee’s Stringham Project.

mirrors for your bathroom


Mirrors are a huge focal point in your bathroom, you use them every day and sometimes without really even thinking about it. So if you are looking for these exact pair of mirrors you can find these little splurges at McGee & Co… or if you are willing to get a similar look but save a little I recommend checking out Wayfair.

McGee & Co. - $905  |  Wayfair - $156

sconces for your bathroom


Now that sconce hanging in the center of the matching mirrors sets such a classy tone that it raises the overall vibe of the space to that of some high-end spa. who else would have tiny lampshades on their wall lights? You can find these exact sconces at McGee & Co but Wayfair has a pretty close match for a steal.

McGee & Co. - $569  |  Wayfair - $158

sink for your bathroom


The old-timey style sink faucets are a fun little nod to times gone by in an otherwise modern space. you can find something similar at both Wayfair and at Home Depot. Your choice!

Wayfair - $138  |  Home Depot - $135

countertop for your bathroom


That gorgeous white countertop looks like something straight out of a Home and Gardens magazine. so where do you find something like that this isn’t custom made? Would you believe the answer is Wayfair or Home Depot?


- $909  |  Home Depot - $646

vanity for your bathroom

Double Vanity

Having enough space to store all the odds and ends a bathroom needs to hold is important. So selecting the right vanity is important. plenty of under sink storage as well as a drawer or two. If you love the layout of this vanity then I recommend checking out these two white double vanities from Wayfair and Home Depot. Agreed they are white and not that show-stopping slate grey blue color but really, you can do wonders with a coat or two of paint

Wayfair - $1370  |  Home Depot - $1195

paint for your bathroom


Speaking of paint! I took a look around Behr Paints website for just the right color to match the pictured vanity and I got pretty darn close. If you choose to paint either your existing vanity or one of the white Wayfair/Home Depot vanities above I recommend Behr’s “Night Flight” S520-7. And if possible look for it in a flat or mate finish

Home Depot (Night Flight S520-7) - $34 / gallon

vases for your bathroom


Looking to spruce up that new white countertop? Give your master bath a splash of color? fresh flowers are a great way to do that and toss them into one of these awesome nautical-esk vases

Wayfair - $37  |  Wayfair - $27

tile for your bathroom


And finally, the floor tile. A unique pattern to be sure. You can lay out that exact pattern with four pieces of kite-shaped tiles surrounding a square tile both of which are available at Home Depot. Or if you like the just a unique tile layout but aren’t partial to that exact layout I recommend these tile sheets from Wayfair.

Wayfair - $22 / Sq ft  |  Home Depot (Kite) - $9 / Sq ft  (Square) - $3 / Sq ft

So now you have all the supplies you will need to make that dream on suite bathroom, all that is left is some elbow grease. And to help you on your way here are a few more sneak peaks at this beautiful bathroom.

modern spa style bathroom

glass surround shower clawfoot bathtub

spa gold and navy master bath

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