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Golden Globes Glam Inspiration for 2019 Brides

Charlize Theron 2019 Golden Globes Makeup by:

It’s officially awards season, friends, and as much as we love engagement/proposal season, we love this season just as much. Why? Well, because it sets up the whole year in terms of special occasion fashion and beauty inspiration. If you’re a 2019 bride and you still haven’t thought about your look for the big day, don’t even worry, because you’ll have the next few months’ worth of red carpets and celebrity glam to channel.

And if last night’s Golden Globes are any indication of how the next year will go, in terms of looks that brides-to-be will be falling in love with, then we can expect makeup artists and hair stylists to be getting a whole ton of requests for natural makeup with special pops of something-something and hairstyles that slay even in their subtleties.

Emma Stone Golden Globes Beauty 2019 Makeup by:

Brides, remember, on your wedding day, you should feel totally you - but with an extra veil of va-va-voom. That’s exactly what these Hollywood goddesses did for the Golden Globes, and we were obsessed. From Emily Blunt’s feminine, textured fishtail braid and Lady Gaga’s Elsa-esque all-blue semblance to Dakota Fanning’s pristine, classic glam look and Emma Stone’s signature porcelain-skinned sparkle, there were lots of aisle-acceptable beauty wins last night. We can’t wait to see how they translate to the ‘I Do’ crowd come Spring.

Jamie Lee Curtis 2019 Golden Globes Look by:

We rounded up our favorites, but obviously, every female who hit the red carpet at the GGs was glowing. These are just the ones we think will influence #classof2019 brides in the biggest way. Brides, and maybe even mothers of the bride/groom. Jamie Lee Curtis, we see you lady 👀 This is how every MOB/MOG can do white [fiercely] on their favorite girl’s day.


Charlize Theron Silky Hair Golden Globes 2019 Hair by:

Charlize Theron will consistently top brides’ must-look-like lists. She’s just all kinds of gorgeous. But her 2019 pink and peachy Living Coral Golden Globes look was so simple and iconic and one that will definitely be favored by those who are affianced. Also, that hair. Silky strands, pulled back in a sexy and totally-polished way. Short-haired brides, DO IT. 

Emily Blunt Fishtail Braid Golden Globes 2019 Fishtail Bride By:

Lupita Nyong'o Golden Globes 2019 Makeup by :

Lupita, your berry pout and cobalt blue-kissed lashes are everything. It’s certainly not for risk-averse vixens, but if you can pull it off, goshhh it’s gorgeous.

Lady Gaga Blue Beauty Look Golden Globes 2019 Makeup by:

Lili Reinhart Golden Globes Red Look 2019 Makeup by:

In the same vein, a fiery red monochromatic look isn’t easy, either, but it’s all the more rewarding and such an unexpected take for a bride. Kind of staring daggers, but in the best way. And if you’re a bride who everyone tries to typecast all the time, then this Lili-inspired level of confidence, shock and delight is just right.

Dakota Fanning Golden Globes 2019 Makeup by:

Saoirse Ronan Golden Globes 2019 Makeup by :

This girl right here is alllllll the wedding goals, in every red carpet she walks. Saoirse, you have single-handedly set the standard for any woman who has ever thought about going bare for their big day. Of course, she has SOME makeup on, those poppy red lips are hard to miss, but her face is flawless and that has more to do with her serious skincare routine. That fashion girl game. 

Emma Stone Pearl Hair applique Golden Globes 2019 Hair by :

Regina King Golden Globes 2019 Makeup by :

Regina, you had us all feeling 🙌🙌🙌 last night. And your makeup artist @makeupbylatrice killed it - starting with a dewy, heavenly-hydrated complexion, pretty pink lips, and feathery, sky high lashes. LOVE.

Kristin Cavallari Golden Globes 2019 Hair by :

And Kristin, that ponytail. Yes. Brides who want some extra length can do extensions like this for extra impact!

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